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  1. thanks it's a bit fuzzy , probably ok.
  2. Schwerpunkt

    Helmut Weitze update

    Don't know about medals but with helmets you have to watch out over there. He features in my blog tracking the fakes regularly. https://germanhelmetvault.com/2019/07/21/tracking-the-fakes-5/
  3. Looks like a very nice helmet , love to see a decal close-up.
  4. Schwerpunkt

    SS M42 EF64

    Can't make that out from the topic you posted Rich , I see only one guy that knows his SS helmets posting there. Most important thing is that the helmet is authentic.
  5. Schwerpunkt

    SS M42 EF64

    Hello Rich , yes I saw it. It's odd looking but all period authentic. I'm sorry I thought you had an issue with its authenticity. I am passionate about collecting German WW2 Helmets and I try to know as much about them as I possibly can. But knowledge is shareable. I have learned most from others and I do my bit to add to that knowledge and share it in return ;-)
  6. Schwerpunkt

    SS M42 EF64

    What is there to notice , looks like a decent M42 EF to me.
  7. Schwerpunkt

    Dinky Stuka 721

    I have this one as well , and the Spitfire and the ME109. They are nice to collect.
  8. Thank you gentlemen , I kept it because it was a local find. My interests are towards the German stahlhelm.
  9. Schwerpunkt

    M35 SS DD Helmet

    Interesting and original SS helmet , strange that you did not get replies ?
  10. The only British helmet in my collection , I bought it because it was found in Brussels in 2014 by another collector together with a German infantry NCO visor which I also bought.
  11. Hello , I am a new member here and like to share my website that I started earlier this year. The website is about collecting German WW2 helmets and has many pages of authentic helmets , tips and tricks. German Helmet Vault