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  1. Yeah sorry about that but the seller woudln't let me. He already said the cross was a reproductionso I didn't think it mattered too much Thanks for the input
  2. Hi I Found someone who is willing to sell a eastern front medal including a few reichspfennings for about $95. The seller also has an Iron cross which he believes is a reproduction but I want to be sure because I kind of want it even if it a reproduction and I don't want to accidentaly "rip him off" in case it's actually real. Could anyone give me some input on the pictures including fair pricing on the items including the Iron cross even if it's a reproduction? Any input is appriciated Thank you
  3. Marlow80

    SS collar tab price

    The seller replied and said that he doesn't know anything about the pins. He himself hasn't done anything to them and the only reason he has them is because he got them from his father's militaria collection after his passing. But I think I might pass on this for now and rather see if I can get something else for the time being. Thanks for all the input
  4. Marlow80

    SS collar tab price

    ok thank you, I'll send him a message about the prong. Other than that is there any way I can assure that they are genuine and worth the price?
  5. I found a person that is selling a set of SS collar tabs but I'm not sure what they're worth. He's asking for $350
  6. Can anyone identify the weapon the kneeling soldiers is holding?
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong, but from what I read these go for around 80-90 Euro He didn't want to go lower than 150 so I passed
  8. Marlow80

    My "starting" collection

    The silver badge arrived yesterday and here are some pictures of it if anyone is interested. I absolutely love it and I displayed it like I the same way as my other badge
  9. Marlow80

    My "starting" collection

    Thank you I have a silver wound badge on the way right now. However as of now I'm not sure what I want to get next, but I'm sure I'll figure it out in time. Some items I would love to get my hands on would either be a type of SS helmet (not sure which one) or a 98k mauser (which I can get non-disabled) but that wont happen in a while But for now I probably have to focus on reaserching and setting up a proper display. I don't want my pieces to be damaged or just be dust collectors
  10. Marlow80

    Eric-Jan Bakker

    My thoughts and prayers to his friends and family Rest in peace
  11. Authenticity and price? Seller is asking for 176 Euro
  12. This is my collection so far The first thing I bought was the ppsh-41, made in 1944. It is completely disabled since it's required by law. The magazine is hard to pull out and place back and and the front sight is off center. I payed about about $200-$300 for it if I remember correctly, I asked about it on another forum and I was told that it was a good and fair purchase. Any input from someone who knows would be nice The book (Norwegian volunteers in Waffen-SS) is not really a part of the collection but I though I'd show it of anyway. I picked up from a book store earlier this year. It's a great read and has a total of 540 pages with lots and lots of never seen before pictures from the eastern front, combat and training performed here and other places were Norwegian volunteers were present. The coins I got from my older brother as a gift for my birthday. They were locked away in a box until I bought these cheap "floating" displays on ebay. If I'm not mistaken the larger coins are from the Soviet Union and are 1 ruble each, however these weren't made until 1975 while celebrating the 30th anniversity of their victory againt Germany on the eastern front, so the coins aren't really from the WW2 era. The 2 smaller coins in the same display are 5 "reichspfennig" both made in 1940. They seem to have some sort of grey "oxidation" on the surface which makes it hard to see the details. I'm not sure if this is something I can remove and I'm too scared I might ruin the coin if I try something without really knowing what I'm doing The medal is just a black wound badge that I bought from greatmilitaria.com. It hasn't been owned or used so it's in perfect condition. I'm planning on getting both silver and gold wound badge sometime later I also have a large reprint of a SS propoganda poster next to my collection Any thoughs and tips will be greatly appreciated
  13. Looks great! Planning on doing the same thing once my collection gets big enough
  14. Marlow80

    Tips for beginner collector

    What books would you recommend I get? I find books easier to read and nagivate rather than the internet
  15. Marlow80

    Tips for beginner collector

    Thank you This is one think I forgot to add, places to buy items. Because like Kevin said; there are lots of fakes out there so If I can avoid buying from private persons I will