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  1. Landa, you won't get a response to your question, as just one image (but what I can see of one part that may have a problem) cannot determine if is good or bad! You need to take images of the inside, also supply the lot number, the factory code and size, also you need to take a good clear close up, and straight on alignment of the decal. All these images are required to see if the helmet is totally original, and has not be mess with. Lou
  2. Thanks Graham for posting these image up, yep those Mossies are real cool looking fighters! Lou
  3. Thanks Graham, looks like it was a good day out! Some nice beasts Lou
  4. SS

    PeterPual thanks for shearing your meetings with the ex Vets, its always great to here their experiences in the War! Lou
  5. Not bad Marcus, you and your kids did a great job building the sand tank:-). Lou
  6. Hi Ben and welcome, I also a vet from the 70s to 80s, I more into WW2 German uniforms, helmets, equipment, and weapons, and as you I don't have a War room, so I only have a few items displayed, and the rest in storage:-(. Ben we have a collection section here so when you get a chance please post up some of your collection. Anyway cheers from down under, Lou
  7. Just finished off my full LW Bomber Pilot mannequin as I finally found a set off original (very hard to find) oxygen mask straps. Now I am just waiting for some original sewing thread so I can sew up some of the tears on the jacket. thanks for looking, Lou
  8. Hi all, I am trying to find out if this Logo ink stamp in a Heer Panzer M43 cap is a War time or Post War manufacturer? I have put this up onto WAF, without any response, I have be told that it may be the Logo of the silk liner manufacturer not the cap? Also I do remember a few years back on WAF that there was a post about this Logo, but I cannot remember if it was good or bad. Thanks for any assistance, Lou
  9. Thanks for the info off Roy, and the further information on your project, and it must of been great to meet his son. Lou
  10. Sorry Peter but your (if these are your images) are bad, as we cannot make out any detail, but anyway by what I can see your right its a modern day repo. Lou
  11. Maic, by the looks off things I can say the "4" and the rank pith look good, but wait for more options, as my eye's are not that good anymore when it comes to close detail. Now with the Death heads cap button, well you should also put up a good image of the front as well, for me the condition and the colour doesn't look good to me, but also the other side need to be shown up close. Lou
  12. Looking forward to your updates on the items you may find in your search Lou
  13. Hi Malc, for me it's a post War made up peice, as it's a Heer officers Infentry board, but the insignias don't go with it, the death head button (normally use on side caps, and I'am not sure if it's original as it not my area of knowledge, and the rank pith is for use on collar tabs, as its the smaller size, the No 4 looks ok but like all these items you need to see both sides. Lou
  14. Thanks Kevin, looks like you had a good trip, and yes it is a bit disappointing when you realised you the SS headquarters weren't that far away from the coffee shop you stopped at! I have read the story before, and seen a few images of the church and were the men hid, but never saw the busts of the SOS agents before,but very nice tribute to these heroes! Lou
  15. I go for German, and the effort made in the style, cut, and also the different camo schemes they had, yep a lot of work went into developing the German uniform, as they had great designers like Boss (future big name Hugo Boss in the 1990's) plus their equipment was way ahead of the rest, just great workmanship. Lou