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  1. US M4 Sherman/US Thunderbolt P-47D

    Thanks, and yes those P-47D Thunderbolts are big ausome fighter planes, that did some damage to the enemy! Also thanks for posting up those images of the recovered engines. Lou
  2. MG34/42 MGZ40 Optical Sight

    I am looking for a original MG34/42 MGZ40 Optical Sight in German Grey if possible. Thanks, Lou
  3. M-40 Helmet Relic.

    Mate, I have repaired a few lids over the years, as I have over 30 lids, plus a few relic's in my collection, and with the leather pins I seen them in brass, and aluminium, also I have seen Norwegin liners with the same flat head pins, and my understanding that German leather liners were dyed reddish while they were still in their frame, and not removed. Anyway I am just going on the reddish colour of the leather, but saying that I have seen some darken German leathers, but what gives me the if's is that how the rest of the leather has darken, and to me I've seen this when someone puts on leather conditioner and that gives it that oily dark colour. Either way as you said you didn't invest much into it, and it gives you the look you want, plus its still a liner that was use back in that time frame. Cheers, Lou
  4. M-40 Helmet Relic.

    Yep for me that is reddish brown, and looking at it more, and more, also it looks like the rest off the darken area off the leather has been messed with some kind of leather conditioner, and now I am leading to the liner being used in helmets used by the Norwegian Army. No big deal if you didn't pay top dollars for it well it still does the job, and matches the worn condition off the helmet. Now with the factory/size markings, well as you said that you due to it's poor condition the stamp has disappeared, well as you know these stamps are hammered in with metal dye's, and leave a indent in the metal, so if you want, and have one of the hobby Dermal tool, you can use one off the sand disks for metal and just slow apply to the area were the stamps are and that will bring out the indents, I have done it to a couple of my relic helmets, and if you take care sanding the area it really won't damage the helmet, and over a period of time the area darkens up. All the best in the rest off your restoration of the helmet, Lou
  5. Weapons and Ordnance in my collection...

    Well done, and some very nice mines, and weapons, like the jumping jimmy's, and your War room is well decked out Lou
  6. M-40 Helmet Relic.

    Yeah on my screen it looks a real deep reddish brown, and if so that is what colour that was used by the Norwegian Army helmets. Can you take a clear close up in natural light of that section showing the colour, I just want to make sure that I am not giving you a problem. Lou
  7. M-40 Helmet Relic.

    Hi, there may be a problem with that liner, as can you tell me we're there is colour showing is it reddish brown, as it looks like it on my screen, if it is then these liners were use by the Norwegian Army Post War. Lou
  8. M-40 Helmet Relic.

    Hi, if you can try and find the maker, and size stamp the is located on the left side, and located inside apron, below and inline of the side vent hole, try and wet the area with water so the stamp can stand out. If you can make out who made it, then I can check out Brian Ice book on helmet codes and see if it's list and what branch of the Army forces it belong to. Also you shouldn't have any problems finding a original liner for your M40 helmet as there are plenty out there. Lou
  9. Some of my holiday snaps.

    Thanks Graham, looks like you got to see many place on your trip, and it looks like you enjoyed it, and I can say I enjoyed seeing your photos! Those images of the M4 Sherman's with major shell, and machine gun hits, really brought it home as the poor guys in them didn't sand a chance. Lou
  10. Sure is, they may have been touch up Post War, but they are the real thing, and if you don't have big $$'s to spend these are good fillers for your collection! Happy collecting Lou
  11. Yea they have been messed with post War, plus missing a couple of liners, so your looking anything from $50 to $300 per helmet. Lou
  12. Your right that's a M33 and I sure that is the Polish emblem, the one below it is a US helmet, and the next one is a Tommy hemet mainly used by US, British and Commonwealth troops, and someone has attached a USA emblem that you see on visors, now the bottom one may be a helmet that the Danish Army used. Regards, Lou
  13. Landa, you won't get a response to your question, as just one image (but what I can see of one part that may have a problem) cannot determine if is good or bad! You need to take images of the inside, also supply the lot number, the factory code and size, also you need to take a good clear close up, and straight on alignment of the decal. All these images are required to see if the helmet is totally original, and has not be mess with. Lou
  14. Thanks Graham for posting these image up, yep those Mossies are real cool looking fighters! Lou
  15. Tankfest 2017

    Thanks Graham, looks like it was a good day out! Some nice beasts Lou