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  1. Thanks Kevin, looks like you had a good trip, and yes it is a bit disappointing when you realised you the SS headquarters weren't that far away from the coffee shop you stopped at! I have read the story before, and seen a few images of the church and were the men hid, but never saw the busts of the SOS agents before,but very nice tribute to these heroes! Lou
  2. I go for German, and the effort made in the style, cut, and also the different camo schemes they had, yep a lot of work went into developing the German uniform, as they had great designers like Boss (future big name Hugo Boss in the 1990's) plus their equipment was way ahead of the rest, just great workmanship. Lou
  3. Hi Guy's, my new addition, just put it up yesterday. LW Pilot Officer, and yes unfortunately the Knights Cross & Oak leaves is a copy. Lou
  4. Hi Adam, mate there may be something wrong from your end, as the upload side of things are working as I upload some image a few weeks back, but hey as a ex Apple tech there may have been a problem on the day you tried to upload! Anyway Adam I didn't see this post of your's before today, but as I have said before you have a very nice collection, and off course you have displayed it well Lou
  5. Some more new additions to my collection, Lou First off I managed to pick up a AA extension pole for my Lafette Tripod, and also a centre shaft for my AA Tripod, they in a semi relic ground dug condition but the parts still working, and my latest full mannequin display of a LW Bomber Pilot, all off (cap, gloves, and clear A3 overlaying sheet for maps) the items were located out of a Estate sale in Budepest, Hungry a few months back, and all items belonging to the one Pilot. I now need to put up another full mannequin to cater for my LW Pilots leather jacket, as I had to take it down to put this channel suite up. I just need to get a officers set of pants, as I have found another set of boots. Cheers, Lou
  6. Hi All, just the wool gloves, and bread bag with strap are still avaliable. Lou
  7. And a Merry Christmas to all fellow members Ho, Ho, Ho, Lou
  8. Hi Richard, Yes that is what I thought as well, as I did have another set off trousers, but had major issues, zippers had eroded, and a couple were missing, the left front thigh pocket was missing:-(, so when I first sore this complete outfit, I was surprised that all the pieces were still with the uniform, and yes all coms cables are there (the one in the left pocket, and the extension pice) 2 off the zippers centre unit that closes, and opens the zipper were missing, 1. from the left ankle area, and the fly zipper, I managed to remove 2 of the units from my other damage trousers, I did fix the ankle, and I thought I had fixed the fly zipper but as I mention these items were really corroded so pice just broke away, so I am now look to find another one. Also last week I was told from the seller that the lady he purchased it from has found other pieces, so I am waiting to for him to get back to me, as I mention this complete uniform came from one Airman. Now I just need to find a oxygen mask! Regards, Lou
  9. Hi Guy's, just pick up this from fellow collector located in Hungry, he got it out of a estate sale. Its a LW Pilots uniform, unfortunately the jacket was use by the person who had it after the War as his winter jacket, so I need to find a good seamstress to mend the damage cloth. But what was great was that there was still personal items of the Pilot, there was a set a swede gloves, a blue wool cap, and a clear A3 clear sheet, to over lay onto a map, with ink writing still on it. Lou
  10. Hi JustinG, Well for me it's PayPal, as fee's are a lot lower than Western Union, and also Banks, plus PayPay has the family and friends options so less fees are paid, plus if you use a credit card (yes you pay more) if for some reason the money is lost, besides been covered by PayPal, you are also cover by your credit company, and I can say I rather put in a claim through my credit card company as you get your money back very quickly, I know this as I have been save a few times by the card company! Lou
  11. Thanks Bart, and Jim, also a happy birthday to you Bart Lou
  12. Just one adjustment in price, and that is for both the jacket, and trousers US $3600.00 Lou
  13. Hi Guys, I am selling my well worn SS M44 Jacket, and M44 Trousers, that I purchased many years back from fellow WAF members, the insignia's on the Jacket were replaced by the priviest owner as I was told it was stripped when he got it. If you are looking for a battle well worn been there SS uniform display, this one does the job! the Jacket and Trousers are not from the same solider, so I don't mind spiting them up, but I would like it if they were sold together, as you can see the display I made the uniform looks great on a full mannequin. I have also listed this on WAF, so I will update this post if it sells on there. Just to note both jacket and trousers are in good condition besides the damage to the back of the collar (that you don't see when its displays on a mannequin as it fold down, both the shading of both jacket and trouser have faded from use but still very strong. Note: I am only selling the Jacket and Trousers. Ok the price for both Jacket and Trousers: US $3700.00 Sold separately - Jacket US $2800.00, and Trousers US $1.100.00 PayPal fees apply (you can us the fiends option, but if you do use a credit card as if the item don't arrive you get your money back! PayPal won't refund you). Postage will be worked out at the end. Thanks for looking, Lou
  14. Hi Guys, I was going to post a while back but, I had a brain freeze (allot go grey matter building up between the ears these days) as I could not remember the material that is used for storing uniforms, that are also used by Museums, plus the company in the UK I purchased them from:-(. But they sent my a marketing e-mail, so now I got the info:-). Back in March of this year I decided to put in storage (just didn't have the room, plus my pad is set in a modern style look, plus when visitors that I didn't know turn up, may have given the a very wrong impression off me) most off my full mannequins, so at first I purchased those big plastic bags, that you then use a vacuum cleaner (reverse mode) to suck out the air, but the more I looked and reasserted it, I changed my mind, and then I contacted our Museum here in Perth, and they informed me off the best way to protect and preserve cloth, and told me off this material. (Tyvek is a brand name, proprietary material used in the best archival garment bags. It is 100% acid free and extremely dense, meaning that it can keep out humidity and contaminants much better than muslin. This also means it is slightly heavier than other garment bags. Tyvek is the highest quality garment storage bag material available) So now I have packed away with some pice off mind that my uniforms will be well protected:-). Lou A image of the material, they also make protective overalls, plus many other uses.
  15. Hi Jac, and welcome to the Forum, and yes you have some nice pice in you're collection, and well done on putting up your own web site Lou