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  1. Humberto Corado

    Another STuG pic

    Nice pic Stewy!
  2. Humberto Corado

    Mine EK2 collection

    impressive collection Marko, thanks for sharing! cordial greetings Humberto
  3. welcome to the forum David. a very nice feldpost! thanks for sharing, thats your field of collecting? Cordial greetings Humberto
  4. very nice adition to your library dear EJ! congrats and cordial greetings Humberto
  5. nice pictures Agustin! I not see why the Knights Cross of the Generaloberst Jodl should not be viewed as legitimately granted!!! for that time Grossadmiral Doenitz was the head of state (Reichspräsident) and could grant it. it was more than deserved because it was one of the few general officers of the high command who was not awarded with the KC by Hitler. Cordial greetings Humberto
  6. Amazing job EJ!!!!, you have shown us what can be known from a death card if we investigate deeply. cordial greetings Humberto
  7. thank you very much Andrew for your help! the information in your book gives us a complete picture of each reporting procedure for demolition and subsequent recognition. may I ask in what kind of Luftwaffe documents these guidelines were found? Cordial greetings Humberto
  8. Humberto Corado

    Some trade insignia and eagles

    thanks Amiklic1 for your reply! when I ask for the prices I meant if they are very scarce for example? That would explain why their price its higher compared with other insignia of the wehrmacht. cordial Greetings Humberto
  9. Humberto Corado

    Generalstabsarzt portrait

    ok thanks Larry! we should start our own thread about German generals cordial greetings Humberto
  10. Humberto Corado

    Generalstabsarzt portrait

    Hello all, Terrific photo Larry! question: apart from the note on the back of the photo thats says the identity of the photographed, how you'll know if is a generalstabsarzt?? Thanks Humberto
  11. Humberto Corado

    Some trade insignia and eagles

    hello all, there are some place on the internet where you can learn more about these Kriegmsarine badges? And why they are sooooo expensive???? sorry for the question, I'm learning more about the Kriegsmarine insignia so I wonder why such a high value? cordial greetings Humberto
  12. Humberto Corado

    Gunther Prien

    Very nice piece Jim! thanks for sharing! Cordial greetings Humberto
  13. Humberto Corado

    Imperial U-boat badge in wear.

    hello EJ, I had not noticed that was still a member of the Kriegsmarine, I thought he was a regular member of the german Heer! thanks for letting me know Cordial greetings Humberto
  14. Humberto Corado

    Imperial U-boat badge in wear.

    Thank you for your answer Pierce! its easily confused with the Military Decoration 1st Class in black & white pictures! Cordial Greetings Humberto