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  1. Contact me thru the PM system and I will post a picture of your item. Gary B
  2. From a recent hoard find. Gary B
  3. Thanks. I will post more as I have time. Gary B
  4. Agreed,this is the only set of these tab/boards I have seen in almost 14 years of collecting Luftwaffe tabs/boards. Gary B
  5. The way I like them 😀
  6. 1550 Sterling but that does not include the 24% Buyers fee, VAT and for me USD/Sterling conversion rate of about 30%. Gary B
  7. Gary B

    DAK 1941 ring

    Very nice, Richard. Gary B
  8. Here is a nice Duemer P/O. Gary B
  9. These pair recently sold at a UK auction. These are exceptionally rare and I have never seen a set, other than drawings. I bowed out of the bid when it reached $2,500 USD. On one hand while I am upset I did not get them it also shows that there are other collectors out there (I know most of the tab collectors on the forums) who collect these rare items. Gary B
  10. Gary B

    Ss division wiking ring help!

    I would agree that this is a fantasy piece. Gary B
  11. Looking for bullion/wire or heavy cotton thread Luftwaffe specialty badges. Gary B
  12. Here is an interesting recent purchase. An early 1st pattern buckle on a brown leather belt & bayonet scabbard with unit stampings: III. Gruppe/KG155. The III Gruppe was later redesignated to III.Gruppe/KG76 in May 1939. KG 76 fought on all theaters of the war from May 39-May 45. Gary B