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  1. Do the white circles on this helmet mean anything like this or did they perhaps not get round to putting red crosses on it?
  2. I have just bought one in France of all places. It was only on inspecting the photos closer that it turns out to be an Australian one. Rough edge, dated 1940. Haven’t received it yet for a closer look to see maker mark. Here are the photos for information. Would be interested in seeing some more pictures of them being made.
  3. Hello Jerry, I was given them in the eighties when I was in France. The gentleman said they were from the first war. There were other badges and buttons with them, all Anzac.
  4. Hi, I’m new to the site and am trying to understand the two badges I’m about to share. I didn’t buy them, they were a donation from a French gent who gave me a small bag of badges. He believed that they were WW1, cast in the field and I have no reason to doubt it. Has anyone come across badges like this before and is it a likely story? First is the 5th Mounted Rifles (Otago Hussars) and the second is the Royal N Z Artillery. Any information greatly received.