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  1. Rudi it seems from what answers you've given that you are the man who knows answers to my Brodie questions! My US manufactured Brodie was a refurbished (1936-41) M1917 with the "ZC" stamp at the rear apron. There are two rivets in the shell where the chinstrap bales had been mounted originally. Now the chinstrap bales are mounted directly onto the liner. Who was "ZC"? Also, the chinstrap is shot, rotted away mostly. Know a source of supply for a remake chinstrap? Thanks for the help, Dave.
  2. I have narrowed my Brodie to being a US manufacture M1917 (ZC stamped on the apron) which was refurbished into a M1917A1 (1936-41).   I need a new chinstrap.   Any idea where to get one?   Also, I cannot find out who "ZC" was; you have any ideas?   Thanks, DaveinFlorida