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  1. I'm tempted...I like the design, which is quite futuristic to my eye. But there's no evidence that they were ever adopted by the Legion. The seller says he got them from his uncle, a former army parachuting instructor. But the uncle never even wore them! Maybe he didn't want to spoil the shiny finish...
  2. GMIC? I hadn't thought of that. I'll try it - thanks.🙂 FIT Grenoble crops up here and there - http://www.encherexpert.com/sacs-et-mode/chaussures-homme/163617-chaussures-rangers-militaires-43-fit-grenoble-8.html By coincidence I have a pair of Rangers with FIT Sport on the sole. They're roughout, dated 1961, touted as Foreign Legion by sellers on ebay. But maybe the regular French army also used them...it seems unlikely that the Legion would get special boots. But who knows. It would be nice to know something about FIT. They seem to have disappeared without trace. Perhaps the French are less interested in these nerdy details! There are also some old leather ski boots branded FIT Sport. That's all I know.
  3. Any experts on this subject around here? Or on some other forum perhaps? I'm rather tempted by this pair on ebay https://ebay.us/LpW2D7 but I can't find another picture of this model anywhere. The maker, FIT Grenoble (or FIT of Grenoble?) also made Rangers, so that's a start. The seller says they are private purchase. At least, I think that's what he means by "du Commerce". I've asked him for more info. It would also be interesting to know more about FIT, but I can't find a single scrap anywhere. Here are 2 pics from the ebay listing.
  4. Hello everyone, this is my first post here. Does anyone recognise these shoulder board fittings? They're on a mystery leather coat, which I think is German or Austrian, WW2 or soon after. It had Wehrmacht-style pebbled buttons when I bought it. (I swapped them for Coldstream Guards ones.) Could the metal things in the photos be shoulder board attachments? There's a pair on each shoulder, near the collar.