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  1. I'm with Bart and Jerry. I would be interested in having a look at these prototypes. Sound interesting and a proper post would be nice. Detlef
  2. brumbar

    Who's there?

    Hi guys, Just joined up two days ago and like Brett I tend to do thing backwards. So I thought I would not wait as long. (No insult Brett, I just thought it was funny cause I do the same thing) Anyway I live in the Toronto area in Canada. Been collecting for about ten years. Got started on wound badges and never looked back. Started with wounds because my grandfather was wounded in Denmark very late in the war and never was awarded the badge. So I had a portrait of his from the army and thought it would be nice to get him the award even though it had already been awarded to some one else. Currently retired the past 4 years and work part time for the city of Brampton. Married for 38 years and my wife and I have 2 sons and 5 grandchildren. Now a days the badges come in a little slower that I would like but the collection grows. Also collected shoulder boards, buckles, and bayonets. Its good to be here and reading through this section I see a lot of familiar names from other forums, so it tells me this is a good place to be. Look forward to speaking to you all through posts. Regards Detlef
  3. brumbar

    Horse before the cart

    Thanks Rich, Collecting wounds is like any other collectable in this hobby. Once you start delving into manufacturers and variants it becomes mind boggling. But like most collectors I will get side tracked from time to time by shiny things and my interest is peaked by something else for a while, but I always return to what got me started. We will see each other around the forum I'm sure, Regards Detlef
  4. brumbar

    Horse before the cart

    Hi guys. New. Again I have put the horse before the cart and posted before introduction. Sorry. My name is Detlef and I do belong to other forums. Found this forum by chance and like what I have read so far. I feel comfortable. My main collection and interest is wound badges, but I have belt buckles and daggers/bayonets in my collection as well. I hope to be a contributing member here for a long time. I do not generally post a lot unless I think I have imput to post. Regards, Detlef
  5. Hey Marlow. A real stumper on this one. From the photo you have provided the closest I can come up with is a Czech. made ZB 26 or ZB 30 type machine gun / without magazine. This photo suggests to me that this is possibly pre war or just prior training exercise of an SS unit. No self respecting soldier would let a weapon get in this condition on an actual battlefield. Plus it does not look all that well maintained in the first place. Probably does not even fire. These Czech. made guns were widely used by a lot of nations at the time. I Believe the British Sten gun was a modified version of a ZB 26. I have attached image of a Czech ZB 26. Like I say closest I can find. Regards, Detlef
  6. Be sad to see it split up even more .
  7. Hi Guys new to forum. Marlow, Hans is right. There are so many reputable dealers out there to get really quality items. regards Detlef