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  1. WMF Silver plated dish

    Thanks Rich That gives me a place to start.
  2. WMF Silver plated dish

    Hi Rich Thanks for the reply , the manufacturers mark on this dish is WMF
  3. SS document

    Thanks guys , everything looks ok to me regarding the authenticity .
  4. It fits inside the hand and is approx. 5 cm's in diameter
  5. Hi all I am interested in finding out a little about this piece I have , it is a old hand held size bevelled mirror , on the reverse is the swastika logo , I am guessing this is an old party badge style giveaway pre ww2? any ideas.?
  6. I also received this piece with the collection of German military items I bought and was looking to learn a little about it. It is German WMF dish with a strange monogram on the front , I assume it is connected to the ww2 but I don't know how.
  7. SS document

    more pics
  8. SS document

    Hi all I am sorry if I have posted these items in the wrong sections , I am new to the forum and am just getting used to it. I have recently acquired a collection of German ww2 memorabilia and am looking to post a few items on here which I am struggling to understand, I thank you in advance for your help. The first piece I want to show is this SS ''Application form''? I would appreciate any help with it.