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  1. I had a Soldbuch at one time to an Uffz. who was a butcher for most of the war. During late 1944 he was taken out of his assigned billet and put into an infantry unit where he lost a leg.
  2. GR 109

    Stalingrad Kämpfer

    Good point Bart. I had also asked Jason some time back on the WAF about the Feldlazarette 179 question. He related pretty much the same to me as to Meisenhelter. That it was very chaotic during the encirclement with units either escaping in time, or becoming trapped. Imho, for this very reason the confusing situation during the Soviet breakthrough into the 6th Army rear areas makes it difficult to trace the tactical movements of escaping units and personnel.
  3. GR 109

    Stalingrad Kämpfer

    Actually a good read and discussion thread on the units involved. That said your man certainly could have been evacuated by air. It would seem probable that Feldlazarette (mot) 179 would have been closer to the city than 772. One could even make a much stronger case for the divisional level Feldlazarettes's not escaping, but from the SB/WP set I have just such an example. Interesting to surmise then how 179 as a divisional level unit was then able to escape the initial encirclement. Do no rule out the possibility that 772, or some part of it had not as well. To include other divisional elements to include the 71st ID however likely, or unlikely. Another good example of divisional elements escaping the encirclement is written about at length in the book, "Blood Red Snow".
  4. GR 109

    Stalingrad Kämpfer

    I have a Soldbuch and Wehrpass to a Stabsarzt who served with Fledlazarette (mot) 179 of the 79th ID. Supposedly only the divisional staff was flown out and escaped captivity, but this somewhat historically incorrect. The divisional lazarette escaped the encirclement, and eventually ended up in the area of Novocherkassk. Meanwhile at Stalino 79th soldiers returning from leave, those returning fit from wounds, and replacements were hastily thrown together with the escaped staff to form a polyglot unit of the same number and sent to the Kuban bridgehead. Just saying that an Army level Lazarette such as the 772nd would iikely been been even further back in the rear area than one to a division.
  5. Kevin that is an outstanding group to a well decorated Obergefreiter. Interesting with all those awards that he finally promoted to Uffz. in 1945! Congrats and thanks for sharing.
  6. Without doubt one of the most exhaustively researched Soldbuchs I have seen. Very nice Soldbuch too! Well done Rob. Regards, Jerry