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    My main focus of collecting is to the War Raised Units of the Cavalry Regiments: 22nd Dragoons, 23rd Hussars, 24th Lancers, 25th Dragoons, 26th Hussars and the 27th Lancers; also, the Northamptonshire Yeomanry.

    Plus, a general interest overall in British Cavalry and Yeomanry cap badges from 1898-1953.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to all

    A very happy Thanks Giving from England, to our Cousins’👍 Best, Marcus
  2. Eric-Jan Bakker

    Very sad news, indeed. I never actually met Eric-Jan, but we had sporadically conversed over the last fourteen-years on a few subjects and matters. He came across as a man of his word and true to his convictions - one of only a few collectors I deem the epitome of a gentleman. As already cited, his passing will be a great loss to the collecting community and his many friends, too. My sincere condolences to all of his family. Marcus
  3. The OSD is lovely, Graham. They don’t surface very often in such nice condition; there’s a tendency in encountering them in a somewhat worn condition, or the lugged badges (intended collars) purporting to be solely cap badges. The metal shoulder titles are a fine matching pair. Again, not titles you see every day and one type of four ‘patterns’ I believe to have been made - to date, that is. There’s not too much about WRC wise at the mo, so I’m saving the pennies for a January auction and not tempting myself by looking either...! I have to stay focused on certain items I desire, which is easier said than done, eh lol • Three 25D OSD cap badges with differing blade variations.
  4. 25Th Dragoons, 1940 - 1947

    This pleasing bullion example was made to adorn the officers coloured field sevice cap - note the backing colour opposed to the ‘beret black’ version and bullion NCO arm badge adaptions.
  5. 24th lancers

    An OSD on blades maker marked by the manufacturer Firmin - see J.R. Gaunt examples above.
  6. And the spare money badge - 24L OSD by Firmin. This badge, I actually missed in an auction listing initially, however, thankfully with literally only minutes to go I noticed the maker. Bugger me - I had the adrenaline finger tremor bidding for this one..! I have never seen or heard of a Firmin 24L OSD, although I do have a plated version from the same die. Later this year or even early next year I intend to visit the Westminster archive, where the Firmin company files exist and I shall try to obtain any information about the production of this badge pattern.
  7. A more recent addition were these two silver and gilt 25th Dragoons officers collars. I’d been searching for a nice one to match with an existing example in the collection for a few years, but managed to acquire a pair for far much less than anticipated - in fact I bought another badge with the hence ‘spare’ money.
  8. Thanks also, Jerry. Graham, Your 26H, I guess the right lug is a replacement. But it adds to the appeal, as does the wear, too. The worn and overly polished obverse, I tend to constitute (theorise) to the original owner vigorously wearing the eagles breast down purposefully - as is often seen intentionally done with 14/20th Hussars cap and arm badges. And since the 14/20H made up a lot of numbers in the 26H, it makes you wonder...? Or, simply the brass was rather soft lol Hence, for me...it just demonstrates a time and place in history - without sounding too profound! Here’s a couple of mine of this ‘type’ with lugs.
  9. Another cracking badge, Graham👍 I’ll keep my eye out for another single. This is my ‘S’ marked pair, which were probably never worn...gawd knows? I love the polished highlights on these gilded castles, the age blackened silver really sets them off nicely.
  10. Great pictures, mate, this museum certainly looks worthy of a visit in the future! Best, Marcus
  11. A really great addition in having that pair, Graham. And, I especially like the single collar variation with the N - S pegs/rivets. Two more versions: A hallmarked pair dated for the period between July 1940 to July 1941, and a plain pair devoid of a maker mark, or stamp of any kind.
  12. Some of my holiday snaps.

    Looks like you had a very good trip - cracking pics, mate. Capt. Noel G. Chavasse, RAMC, VC & Bar, MC & MiD; I've always wanted to visit Brandhoek cemetery. Did you acquire anything military related on your travels? Best, Marcus
  13. Royal Armoured Corps.

    Very, very nice, Jerry. This is one of my favourite designs. And that's a first for me in seeing just the makers name by Gaunt, only. Other makers (c. 1942-1953) and their marks include a "STERLING" marked badge - the maker eludes me right now - and "FIRMIN LONDON" hallmarked badges; that I know of. That is, provisional observations regarding deemed "officer" pattern badges - which come with silver and/or plated lugs, base copper, two or three lugs, etc. Not a badge I've paid too much attention to, but certainly worthy of more investigation and collecting - whilst they're relatively affordable. Best, Marcus
  14. Three Unknown badges

    I would agree with Graham's observation?