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  1. AndreTinnies

    German Tinnies

    Hello: I'm always looking for rare, and unusual tinnies. I'm particularly interested in early political, flight-related, SA, and HJ material, but great designs (imo) always win, regardless of the organization or event. Please email me, using the forum redirect, if you have, or know of any for sale! I can pay via Paypal, cash, check, or money order. Top prices paid! Kind Regards, Andre Some examples:
  2. AndreTinnies


    Hello: My name here is AndreTinnies (but I'm also active on WAF [as Giuseppec] and Militaria Sammlergemeinschaft as [dredre] ). My main collecting focus these days is tinnies, which I'll post in the proper place shortly. Greetings from the US, Andre