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  1. A big thank you, to you Jerry B, I would never have found out what the badge was, because I was going down the Canadian route also I started reading the forum, interesting items. regards
  2. 20mm Shell Casing - Help Needed

    part 2, British used rimless cases, on 20mm cannon, with the front part like it is, to me it a flare cartridge ? ie used in a flare gun , german ?
  3. 20mm Shell Casing - Help Needed

    Hi a new member here, it does not look British to me, because the 1 & 4, looks like a foreign font .
  4. Hi, I have just started to collect badges, and my first find has got me confused , is it British ? or commonwealth ? or Canadian ? it is on a lighter calling it trench art ? the lighter is made by ronson usa any help would be great, regards now I going to read items on the forum