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  1. Hi Pierce, thanks from me too !
  2. Hi Jaime & Pierce, Thanks a lot for taking the time to help with this man. Ok, I have another unidentified Luftwaffe officer (not sure if he's an Oberst or General der Flieger). The 3rd and 6th ribbons appears to have bars on them. Thanks for anything you can suggest. VBR, Matt.
  3. Hi Jaime, He is an Oberst, but he might have been further promoted to General...
  4. Hi Jaime, Thanks again for your reply. Unfortunately I don't know his name - I was hoping that his awards might provide a clue, but it seems unlikely. I didn't recognise him when looking through images of the Luftwaffe Generals either. Maybe one day someone will provide the answer!
  5. Hi Jaime, Thanks a lot for your efforts. The third one on the top row looks a bit like the Tapferkeitsmedaille of Hesse to me. Regarding the first one, do you think this could this be the Hohenzollern? Bear in mind that I'm a novice at this - I was delighted that you agreed with my guess about the Anschluss ribbon!!!
  6. Hi All, This man was well decorated, but his ribbon bar is partially obscured. Can anyone identify some his awards? Thanks a lot, Matt.
  7. Hi all, Here is another photo of GL Ernst Krüger. Maybe it can help you to identify his awards?