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  1. J`ame

    Aviso Grille

    Wow Larry,that is a photo I have never seen(crew member) in private hands...so cool!
  2. J`ame

    Brexit Impact, if any?

    Well said Rich,I have tried to follow this over here on this side of the pond,because it will affect the world.I am reminded of something Will Rogers said....."Common sense is not an issue in politics,it's an affliction. Neither is honesty,honesty is not an issue in politics,it's a miracle."
  3. J`ame

    50 years ago.......

    Rich,that would be an amazing thing but it will be a robot if we do.Apollo was just getting really efficient and precise when the project was cancelled.A horrible horrible mistake by this country!So much we have today is a direct result of the Apollo program. Politicians got involved ..... need I say more?
  4. J`ame

    50 years ago.......

    Sorry did not include that the patch is a period patch I bought from them in 1969,collected a sack of soda pop bottles to pay for it.The Buzz Aldrin autograph I got in person at a lecture he gave at the college I was attending at the time.
  5. Apollo 11 launched 50 years ago this date.Project Apollo was the beginning of mankind's greatest adventure.I was 11 years old and had been following the US space program obsessively.I am proud to be of the generation that witnessed the moon landings....still gives me chills.Like most of us here I was born with a genetic flaw of collecting stuff.So in commemoration of the Apollo 11 launch a couple of my space goodies.
  6. J`ame

    New Member

    Welcome John,looking forward to your post.
  7. J`ame

    Helmut Weitze update

    All said and done,this is a case of know what your buying and I don't except for the scant information that is agreed on by all.After talking to the folks at both sites,I have been left with apprehension and am going to trust my gut.Thank you Rich for your feed back....it is appreciated.
  8. J`ame

    Helmut Weitze update

    Rich,I have not contacted them as yet, would really like the neck order even if it is a period museum display.The eagles are worrisome on this one,the heads are a bit off to me.
  9. J`ame

    Helmut Weitze update

    Rich,thanks for your continued input.I have had the site you posted bookmarked for a while....but you know what?It never occurred to me to get an opinion as you have suggested,many thanks for that suggestion.
  10. J`ame

    Helmut Weitze update

    Some higher force must be amusing itself messing with my head ....a 3rd Class German Order is now for sale at emedals.
  11. J`ame

    Helmut Weitze update

    Richard, it took me a while to climb out of the clouds and land on my feet.I never buy blind,learned my lesson back in the 1970's on knee jerk purchases.Sorry for the early enthusiasm,I am still a giddy kid at times. I have to admit I enjoyed the high when he first posted it.Collecting militaria has become such a mine field these days.My want list is down to the very rare and very faked.
  12. J`ame

    kantine cups

    Are any of them left handed? 😉 I have always liked table service,not exactly space savers but who cares more stuff.
  13. J`ame

    Helmut Weitze update

    Friends I did my due diligence over the week(I am exhausted 🙃 ) ,even considered flying to Germany and have a hands on look.....however, decided not to pop on this.After talking to a couple of long time friends who have more knowledge than I of this medal,also talked to a couple of museum curators.Coupled with his latest update,my suspicions rose. He has posted too much rare stuff in recent weeks and could not find any source of information about any major collection being sold.....all has made me feel quezzy.The search continues.
  14. J`ame

    Helmut Weitze update

    Richard thank you I hear your words,did not know that about Mr Weitze......big sigh. I am not going into this stupidly that is why I have not popped on it by now.Frankly,with the sum that is going to most likely being asked,I will require an escrow or such he would be willing to agree to. I do not collect for the money,when my name is called my son gets what he wants and there are a few close long time collector friends who will get to buy some select items and the rest of the collection is being donated to a Military museum here in the States. I do appreciate your watching out for a fellow collector and applaud your forthrightness!