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  1. Justin, as stated on the header it was an antique shop.I live in a small town and I would love to have all the above you stated here without traveling 2 + hours to get to one.
  2. This is one of those if you don't dig,look under and scrounge you won't find it things.While its nothing special for most collectors,I was smitten with it when I found it today.And I must confess this is one of the best Son in Service placards I have ever seen,definitely not a standard run of the mill examples and in its original mailer .
  3. Can you provide a photo of the underside and springs?
  4. Bart,I am thinking is a Reichspost Uniform.The tabs are obviously the key and am almost certain they are Reichspost tabs.
  5. J`ame

    New Crash site?

    Richard just spit balling here,maybe your answer to Allied or German lies in the spacing measurement between the rivets?
  6. Gary, a jewel that badge is.
  7. There are a number of expletives I wanted to say,but keeping it clean 😉 Significant indeed,pivotal moment in time.My bib is soaked from all my drooling!
  8. One needs a bib for all the drooling looking at this set.I think rare is a extremely misused term in this day and age,but this definitely are worthy of the word.
  9. J`ame

    Acquired after a 25 year search

    Ok,a couple of documents.
  10. J`ame

    Acquired after a 25 year search

    After battling the darn photo editor I have a few more from the grouping,in the first set he is in Bahnschutzepolizei uniform in a couple.
  11. J`ame

    Acquired after a 25 year search

    Yes,but under magnification.In a couple its obviously an in the service of the wehrmacht.One appears to say Verkehrs which I am assuming would be Verkehrs-Aufsicht(taffic control) and on one I can make out Bahn only.
  12. J`ame

    Acquired after a 25 year search

    There is more to come, apparently some are too large and now I will have to do battle with the photo editor yuck! I am not going to post it all just some highlights.