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  1. J`ame

    V 1 Buzz Bomb x3

    Kevin,From examination under 20x magnification,I have always suspected that they were stills from a film...period of course.If you bought from a vet,you I am sure aware that some of the guys like to embellish.Indeed I believe there are many many more out there,but that is the case with all photographs to a lesser or greater degree,most did not have photos developed in singles.
  2. Richard, As a collector and amateur historian my focus all these years has been on the civilian organizations of the time.Ephemera such as these you've posted have always been the best source for study and understanding life in the 3rd Reich.Mostly they have been an important source of referencing all aspects.Knowing I am making a statement from a perspective of now and not then,I often reflect on how people could be so gullible to believe the hogwash.I also have the same attitude when today's politicians open their mouths...
  3. J`ame

    Cottage industry

    Sadly, it is such a minefield our hobby.I do not know which frost my cookies more the out right fraud or the willful destruction of a historical artifact.
  4. J`ame

    V 1 Buzz Bomb x3

    Ran out of space last image.
  5. I purchased these from a vet.When I read the backs,I thought the date or the location was wrong.However,I wasn't leaving his house without them....I was wrong the last V1 attack on Antwerp was in March 1945.
  6. The collector is modest,the KM collection is outstanding.
  7. Members,I have 2 photos that are the end of the rainbow for my collection.One is a expensive maybe impossible search. 1 ) Photos showing Reichsbahn personnel wearing the "summer" white tunic and/or visor. 2) Private photos of Hanna Reitsch .
  8. This is nothing special in regards to a uniform shot,run of the mill.However something about the pose and this girls cute factor made me purchase it.As collectors we buy what we like and I did.
  9. What else is there to say but COOL!
  10. I have a few,I will post this one first.Some years ago when I was visiting Germany.I went to the flea markets hunting treasures that were always under the tables 😉I found this one at one of those.The dealer had a small handful of private photos of Adolf Galland. while not the best shot you can see the award.
  11. J`ame

    Tram Girls

    Thanks Richard,I collect civilian organizations of the 3rd Reich all things cloth,medals,and so on.Over the past 7 years I have become obsessed with photos.I will be posting stuff here soon,do not want to overwhelm the members.Besides even today there is a decided lack of interest for civil stuff.....most prefer military.
  12. J`ame

    Tram Girls

    Bart, I have not made a great study of the Tram uniforms yet.From what I know at this time one is very early photo dated 1937 and the other a later version,photo dated 1943.Pure speculation on my part.
  13. J`ame

    Tram Girls

    New here and I am going to post a few photos of Tram girls to get my feet wet learning to use this forum.I am not a savy computer user...what the Tech types call a ID-10T
  14. Richard,I love all these photos!We all look at the normal run of photos and we tend to forget how the powers that be in Germany saturated the daily life.Photos always tell a story,some brief some speak volumes.
  15. J`ame

    Who's there?

    Greetings to all, Single male with one child(who is serving in the 101st Airborne) for those interested the pronunciation of my name is ahhh may. I have been a silent observer of a few Militaria forums over the years,tried to participate,but the in fighting and spammers made it difficult to be active.So mostly I am here to read and learn.I joined here because this forum has impressed me with the fair and impartial way it polices itself.That all said,I have collected more years than I want to count...since before the internet.I am a collector of the WW2 civilian organizations of the TR.I also have a incurable addiction of collecting photos.