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  1. J`ame

    Helmut Weitze update

    Some higher force must be amusing itself messing with my head ....a 3rd Class German Order is now for sale at emedals.
  2. J`ame

    Helmut Weitze update

    Richard, it took me a while to climb out of the clouds and land on my feet.I never buy blind,learned my lesson back in the 1970's on knee jerk purchases.Sorry for the early enthusiasm,I am still a giddy kid at times. I have to admit I enjoyed the high when he first posted it.Collecting militaria has become such a mine field these days.My want list is down to the very rare and very faked.
  3. J`ame

    kantine cups

    Are any of them left handed? 😉 I have always liked table service,not exactly space savers but who cares more stuff.
  4. J`ame

    Helmut Weitze update

    Friends I did my due diligence over the week(I am exhausted 🙃 ) ,even considered flying to Germany and have a hands on look.....however, decided not to pop on this.After talking to a couple of long time friends who have more knowledge than I of this medal,also talked to a couple of museum curators.Coupled with his latest update,my suspicions rose. He has posted too much rare stuff in recent weeks and could not find any source of information about any major collection being sold.....all has made me feel quezzy.The search continues.
  5. J`ame

    Helmut Weitze update

    Richard thank you I hear your words,did not know that about Mr Weitze......big sigh. I am not going into this stupidly that is why I have not popped on it by now.Frankly,with the sum that is going to most likely being asked,I will require an escrow or such he would be willing to agree to. I do not collect for the money,when my name is called my son gets what he wants and there are a few close long time collector friends who will get to buy some select items and the rest of the collection is being donated to a Military museum here in the States. I do appreciate your watching out for a fellow collector and applaud your forthrightness!
  6. J`ame

    Helmut Weitze update

    At this time I am organizing my funds to make sure I can be a serious buyer,don't want to be a Looky Lou in the dealers mind.So I have not asked the price yet.I sat down after the excitement within me settled down and came up with a top price I am willing to pay.Friends this is one of 2 of my medal holy grail. The bank is willing to lend me a nice sum against my collateral provided and now discussing with the wife the financials.Thankfully she is a dear sweet lady and knows this is very important acquisition for me. You all here must know the high and lows I am going through right now.So very rare!! Weitze I feel can be trusted otherwise I would not be interested.The marbles in my head are rolling around in a illogical manner wondering how can this be available and wondering is it a piece that was surplus or a period museum item,then there is that elusive one that Grand Admiral Doenitz claimed that he was awarded.Yes my collector friends I am scattered a wee bit......forgive me for rambling a bit.
  7. A set I found at a antiques fair while I was in Britain in the early 1970's
  8. Was not sure where to post this,I just saw Weitze most recent update.....made me slobber and pant,wow some rare items listed.So much so I am going to talk to my banker on Monday because if I can I am going to own the German Order Cross 1st class with swords he listed.
  9. I have always loved these 'Wheat" tabs....
  10. Set I bought many years ago,
  11. Named good conduct medal to a female.My research thus far shows 2 Army nurses with that name without the correct middle name...well its fun to have.
  12. I try not to be redundant but this is a cool find,as you must know 30 years ago these were not that hard to find for sale,now they seem to have all been absorbed into collections.
  13. Normally I do not give much credence to Russian websites...avoid them actually.however I found this one today by accident and color me intrigued.I plan to explore it more seems like a quick reference place. https://antique-photos.com/en/
  14. Being fairly new to this forum,I am getting to understand who collects what.It seems Richard you and I have the same disease ........ we collect it all.As always very cool stuff Richard,but I have a question.Does your wife give you the "look" when you buy something new? My wife not only does that,she also adds the comment "do you really need any more of that junk".