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  1. Normally I do not give much credence to Russian websites...avoid them actually.however I found this one today by accident and color me intrigued.I plan to explore it more seems like a quick reference place. https://antique-photos.com/en/
  2. Being fairly new to this forum,I am getting to understand who collects what.It seems Richard you and I have the same disease ........ we collect it all.As always very cool stuff Richard,but I have a question.Does your wife give you the "look" when you buy something new? My wife not only does that,she also adds the comment "do you really need any more of that junk".
  3. Unfortunately the trail to the family is cold....I live in Arizona in the winter and that is where I found it.Given the pristine shape it is in I have doubts that it was ever displayed.
  4. This is one of those if you don't dig,look under and scrounge you won't find it things.While its nothing special for most collectors,I was smitten with it when I found it today.And I must confess this is one of the best Son in Service placards I have ever seen,definitely not a standard run of the mill examples and in its original mailer .
  5. J`ame

    Happy Easter

    I echo your words Justin.....I am at a age now where Easter has become fun again.With my short term memory horribly bad now I can hide my Easter eggs and hunt them too 😀
  6. J`ame

    Small naval battle flag?

    Welcome to the forum.For this to be attributed to the Kriegsmarine I would expect to see a KM eagle over "M" mark on the bunting.
  7. J`ame

    SA shooting badge

    I am sure that photos are out there with said badge,however you may have better luck finding a left handed coffee cup 😉 I have a heavy hitter SA collector friend,I will ask him if he has such and would be willing to share.
  8. J`ame

    Bit of post and pics today

    Richard,you sir have wonderful toys in every post.
  9. Very nice,I have always liked these....I hope to some day get my hands on a DAF beret to complete the set.
  10. Congrats,the hut is always part of the reward....those are gorgeous.
  11. This is the kind of stuff I really get excited about>Only through the literature of the time can we get a real grasp of how and what BS,oops propaganda,the people of Germany were being fed.
  12. I don't know why but reading the title of your post I had something different in mind .....The Who,Black Sabbath well you know where I am going.I have not seen these before European distribution?
  13. Yowzer! Very sweet indeed.I have to make a request....when you have time.....if you have a Auxiliary Cruiser badge as cherry as the badges you have shown us thus far,I would love to see it.
  14. When I looked at your photos,a big smile formed,then a big frown.Loved the cap.....frowned at the photo.The cap is fabulous to me,not something that comes up for sale very often.I have the beret,which is what was regulated for female personnel in the Reichspost.Keep in mind that regulations were not as adhered to in the civil sector as were in the military sector.The civilian employees had to make due with what they had or could afford/available.Winter wear was often utilized by both genders in the civilian organisations. Now as for the photo....I frowned because I recently acquired that photo.Naturally I started thinking "damn I have been sold a fake".I bought it because its a mix of Reichsbahn and Reichspost persons.By the way,the Lady wearing the M43 is actually Reichsbahn,look on the sleeve you will see the Directorate eagle of the Reichsbahn.As for the photo I pulled mine out and gave it the once over twice.Not a photo I would expect to be faked...when I bought it looked good,paper correct,aged.I had no worries until I saw yours.I stared the inspecting and I come to the conclusion that all is correct.All the while not occurring to me one thing.I remembered when people had photos developed they did have doubles made.Is it a small world?
  15. Justin, as stated on the header it was an antique shop.I live in a small town and I would love to have all the above you stated here without traveling 2 + hours to get to one.
  16. Can you provide a photo of the underside and springs?
  17. Bart,I am thinking is a Reichspost Uniform.The tabs are obviously the key and am almost certain they are Reichspost tabs.
  18. J`ame

    New Crash site?

    Richard just spit balling here,maybe your answer to Allied or German lies in the spacing measurement between the rivets?
  19. Gary, a jewel that badge is.
  20. There are a number of expletives I wanted to say,but keeping it clean 😉 Significant indeed,pivotal moment in time.My bib is soaked from all my drooling!
  21. As I stated in my introduction,my main collecting interest is the civilian organisations of the TR.Over the past 25 years I have search for photos of Reichsbahn personnel in the white summer tunic and visor.Indeed I found them over the years but never for sale.Finally last fall I found a grouping for sale.This gent seems to have had a full career serving in the Reichsbahn,Bahnschutzepolizei and Heer in Belgium and France.The grouping consisted of a handful of promotion documents,photo album,one colorized photo and around 210 loose photos,which had 2 of him in summer dress.Here is a sample of the grouping.
  22. One needs a bib for all the drooling looking at this set.I think rare is a extremely misused term in this day and age,but this definitely are worthy of the word.
  23. I have been a collector of WW2 militaria for over 50 years,man and boy.The days of having a super secret collection are past,yet the ignorance of who and why we collect is lost on the "do gooders" of the world.I wanted to reply to this writer,but I chose not to simply because I would be Don Quixote tilting at windmills. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/01/27/travel/poland-holocaust-trip.html