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  1. J`ame

    Acquired after a 25 year search

    Ok,a couple of documents.
  2. J`ame

    Acquired after a 25 year search

    After battling the darn photo editor I have a few more from the grouping,in the first set he is in Bahnschutzepolizei uniform in a couple.
  3. J`ame

    Acquired after a 25 year search

    Yes,but under magnification.In a couple its obviously an in the service of the wehrmacht.One appears to say Verkehrs which I am assuming would be Verkehrs-Aufsicht(taffic control) and on one I can make out Bahn only.
  4. J`ame

    Acquired after a 25 year search

    There is more to come, apparently some are too large and now I will have to do battle with the photo editor yuck! I am not going to post it all just some highlights.
  5. J`ame

    They just don't understand!!!!

    "Oh Brave new world that has such people in it." Aldous Huxley "Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored." Aldous Huxley
  6. J`ame

    Wanna see some old West PointUSMA relics?

    This is awesome,makes the heart speed up a bit!Did the correspondence have any interesting passages?
  7. J`ame

    Reichsbahn Lamp.

    Sorry no, It is in a private collection in Colorado,USA.
  8. From my collection.Its not militaria,but it is connected to WW2 history.At 05:30 July 16,1945 these rocks were formed.The most common name is Trinitite.But AKA Alamogordo glass and atomsite.These I traded for when I was a mere kid in the mid 1960's.We lived in New Mexico and like most young lads I liked to drag home all kinds of what my mother referred to as "crap".Our neighbor had a bucket of the stuff he collected before it was shut off.I showed such interest in the stuff he gave me a handful of it.I still have 3 pieces of it traded the rest off over the years.Link provided for more info on it. the photo shows a top and base of 2 specimens. https://www.lanl.gov/museum/news/newsletter/2018/04/trinitite.php
  9. Richard,perfectly safe.Yes they will make a Geiger counter tick however you get more radiation exposure going out in the sun.Trinitite has now decayed to less harmful elements(plutonium isotope) . I store these in a riker mount.
  10. I had to laugh a little at your title to this post.Perspective is amusing at times.To a beginning/entry level collector this group would be hot stuff,to us its "unexciting". Giving you due respect for saving this from the forgers!! What are we,really? We are all merely temporary curators for the next generation.We pay a lot of money to do it and no mistaking the passion in each of us.However we are just temporary curators.Perspective can not interest one but not another.For example,at a show in Denver in October,I bought a war time appointment book for $5 that the other collectors I was with thought I had wasted $5 .The translation I have done so far it is a salesman's appointment book.What grabbed my attention and made my heart go pitter patter is the book is for the year 1945 and the last entry is in April 1945,blank the rest of the year.The minor historical significance just captured my imagination and I had to buy it.
  11. J`ame

    The heir to the throne!

    What a cutie,my heir had little interest in my collection until he joined the Army.Now he has the same addition I do.Richard be careful teaching kids to walk and talk leads to telling them to sit down and be quiet for a number of years.😉
  12. J`ame

    Reichsbahn Lamp.

    Fabulous item,I have seen this one also in black...it doesn't appear yours has had any paint?
  13. J`ame

    Back did not bail.

    Hello collector friends,regrettably my job can keep me off the grid for months at a time.Back for a while and am going to catch up so don't be irritated by a bunch of post by me. I did agire some items while absent,in fact one 25 year search is over and will post soon.
  14. J`ame

    Tram Girls

    New here and I am going to post a few photos of Tram girls to get my feet wet learning to use this forum.I am not a savy computer user...what the Tech types call a ID-10T
  15. J`ame

    V 1 Buzz Bomb x3

    Kevin,From examination under 20x magnification,I have always suspected that they were stills from a film...period of course.If you bought from a vet,you I am sure aware that some of the guys like to embellish.Indeed I believe there are many many more out there,but that is the case with all photographs to a lesser or greater degree,most did not have photos developed in singles.
  16. I purchased these from a vet.When I read the backs,I thought the date or the location was wrong.However,I wasn't leaving his house without them....I was wrong the last V1 attack on Antwerp was in March 1945.
  17. Richard, As a collector and amateur historian my focus all these years has been on the civilian organizations of the time.Ephemera such as these you've posted have always been the best source for study and understanding life in the 3rd Reich.Mostly they have been an important source of referencing all aspects.Knowing I am making a statement from a perspective of now and not then,I often reflect on how people could be so gullible to believe the hogwash.I also have the same attitude when today's politicians open their mouths...
  18. J`ame

    Cottage industry

    Sadly, it is such a minefield our hobby.I do not know which frost my cookies more the out right fraud or the willful destruction of a historical artifact.