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  1. I have always loved these 'Wheat" tabs....
  2. Was not sure where to post this,I just saw Weitze most recent update.....made me slobber and pant,wow some rare items listed.So much so I am going to talk to my banker on Monday because if I can I am going to own the German Order Cross 1st class with swords he listed.
  3. Did a little trading this week....got a not so ordinary drivers license.It belonged to Dr Eduardo Labougle Ambassador of Argentina in Berlin 1932 to 1939.
  4. Maybe its one of those Ultra-rare made from a knights cross?????😉🙃🤣
  5. Great grouping indeed,intriguing look at sub rescue?
  6. Rich,I have said it once and I'll say it again.........you have some wonderful toys.
  7. I have always thought WHW items have been under appreciated.
  8. As stated and a set of seldom seen Reichsbahn passant's.
  9. Rich,these are not uncommon so I did not elaborate,my apologies.Starting from the top one working left to right. Coach senior mechanical engineer,Track maintenance headman,Conductor/carriage service,Electrotechnical service/machinist,Shunting service,Construction service,Motor coach supervisor. Now please know these existed after the war and side by side its not difficult to tell which is wartime and which is post war.There are 10 in the set and I just purchased one I am missing and will post as soon as it comes in.The passants were not in use but for a short time late war,the SS was instrumental in changing to them from the standard shoulder board,I have read.
  10. Many do not know that Heinrch Hoffmann was a prolific author as well as being Photoberichterstatter der Reichsleitung der NSDAP - (official photographer of the NSDAP Reich Leadership). Hoffmann also published a number of books that were Nazi Party related but not specific about Adolf Hitler.Nice find and these books by Hoffmann are not as cheap as they used to be,I remember when I could pick them up for $5 or $10.Now they run $150 to $200 + depending on who the book is about.
  11. Please do Rich,and Thank you.
  12. I believe this speaks for itself with address's
  13. Fellow collectors,I do not collect WW2 pacific theater at all.Over the years when I have bought the stuff from vets,I would trade it for ETO & German items.I just bought this 2 days ago.This was one of those "I gotta have it" purchases with no thought as to risk of it all.Purchased for $175 so it will sting but not too much.Here is what I know,from the Osaka area of Japan....that is it. It appears to be a presentation/award type of thing to me.When I used internet search so many many pages came up...I am lost to what is reliable and what isn't. Can any member here steer me to a reliable site?I will load as many photos as I can and more later when the site lets me.
  14. Rich,it is just an envelope.I have a passion for Zeppelin items and bought it from a stamp collector at a good price
  15. Kevin ,thank you thank you thank you!
  16. This is interesting indeed!I have run across this and similar at the shows of late.With so much fake and altered stuff out there I have dismissed and ignored.Think I will pay a little closer attention next time.
  17. Little diddy I picked up last week.
  18. Rich,I saw you post referring to Life of Brian and dry British wit.Well sir,I love British comedy!This is one "yank" that prefers British television over the stuff being aired here in the US. No need to state that Monte python material is classic stuff yet still relevant and funny today.Now I must admit I am one of the lunatics who finds most of what Rowan Atkinson hilarious.I could recite over and over all the British programs and movies I like to watch,but I would say hands down,based on what I view repeatedly, Are You Being Served? is my favorite.
  19. Well sir, you did open that can of worms.....along with severe looks from my wife 😉 I binged on Brit comedies yesterday! Faulty Towers,Are You Being Served?,Grace and Favour,Mr Bean,Dad's Army,allo allo,Vicar of Dibley,Open all Hours,Steptoe and son, and of course Monty Pytons Flying Circus.It was a grand day and did not do chore one,hence the dirty looks from the wife.
  20. J`ame

    Grenze !

    So did you obey the sign? 😉 Awesome score Richard! I never had much interest in signs when I started collecting,wish I had now.
  21. Wow Richard Wow! Did I mention Wow?Fabulous find !Not intending to be maudlin, the true love of a woman for a man warms the heart.Sadly not an isolated case,I have a similar letter of a woman requesting to be by her wounded soldier husband.This may have been more predominate than we may know.
  22. J`ame

    Bits of stick grenade 24

    Quite simply rusty gold.