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  1. This is the only other picture it is letting me add as it says the others are too big as I have some better quality photos.
  2. Sorry I forgot I posted this here, this is all I know now: He was injured in France in 1940 so was ‘dropped’ from active service.He wore the helmet while on the roofs of Parliament and Whitehall, on watching duties I suppose. We are not sure whether he worked at this position in the government pre-war but certainly after the war, he was head of the South-West ministry of publics works and was held a very high position in surveying land and buildings for military purposes, Goonhilly was his most famous. He was also close firends with Churchill.On another forum we came to the conclusion that the markings where a D then a crown then H. Meaning Department Head.Liner markings:7 IVERO 1938Which is: Vero 2 = Everett.W.Vero & Co London.........................1937 - 1944Unfortunately I cannot find a helmet stamp. Another relative owns his set of uniform buttons, all with ARP on them. Im, not sure why all this is highlighted, Many Thanks, Tom P.S It’s not letting me add any photos as it says they are too big
  3. Hi all this is my first post. I found my step-father’s father’s and grand-father’s british brodie helmets from ww1 and ww2. I need help identifying some markings on the second world war brodie. I am pretty sure the ww2 helmet was worn protecting/ patrolling the British Houses of Parliament after he was injured in standard service. Here is an image ( sorry for bad quality) There are 3 letters painted on the front i think it could be either one of these combinations: DPH DPB OPB OPH NPH NPB I have looked on a couple brodie specialist websites and can’t find anything. Sorry for the long post and thanks for any info you can give me, Tom