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  1. New to the collection.
  2. Dave M

    Olympic medal MM "6"

    Gents is this a fake???
  3. Dave M

    Military Police

    No such badge its a fantasy.
  4. I would not mind the middle one graham if you want to swap or sell.
  5. Dave M

    Welsh Guards.

    WW1 Extruded slider
  6. Dave M

    WWI Guards MG battalion

    Always on a slider.
  7. Believed to be genuine. I am not convinced.
  8. Another to my many. rzm m1/8
  9. Not forgetting this rubbish. https://www.krause-papierwerke.com/product-page/war-merit-cross-without-swords-certificate
  10. Dave M

    Airborne Forces

    Post war kings crown GAUNT
  11. Dave M

    Doing ok

    Well hello my friends,its been a long time. I have had a terrible few years and even my lovely mother passed away on 2nd September Any way guys im coming back here slowly. A big hello to all.
  12. WW2 Plastic Economy .