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  1. Cheshire Regiment

  2. Cheshire Regiment

    Officer silver J&Co
  3. A very scarce and 100% Genuine, Gilding-metal (Brass) pre1908 pattern, Cap Badge to the 29th Battalion (Irish Horse) Imperial
  4. Important update regarding Dave M

    Hello fellow members. After a lot of life problems im back now and except for my health i am now settled once more. Thank you everyone for all your kind comments it touched me greatly. I will be on here again slowly but sure glad to be back.
  5. Airborne forces

    Fantastic Jerry What great pictures you have done. Love your para badges,thank you for posting.
  6. Important update regarding Dave M

    Thank you to all members. I will be back soon with some fantastic badges. Very busy at the moment, life crisis.
  7. I would not expect anything less of you. Nice badges Hubert.
  8. Thank you martin. Yes, just how i like them.
  9. Please can you post moor examples if you have them. Is this post for 127 examples only ?
  10. An all in one thread for your winter medals would be good stewy
  11. The picture is very poor and no reverse. How you can authenticate it is beyond me. With all due respect.