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  1. https://www.bitchute.com/video/oKbG-kRhYA8/
  2. With all due respect, they are terrible pictures for any opinion. Sorry.
  3. I was not sure wear to post this helmet because its home front. I liked it and i am sure its ok. Factory painted black inside and out.(by 1942) W hand painted which has gone yellow with age imo.
  4. The recon is a very nice scarce officers cap badge with those lugs. Congrats.
  5. im no fan of these sorry👎
  6. Dave M

    Suffolk Regiment

    2 Tower Suffolk.
  7. Dave M

    Suffolk Regiment

    mate does this have long loops?
  8. Yes i might let one go mate.
  9. Dave M

    Olympic medal MM "6"

    Did you buy this in the end?
  10. Dave M


    I have one black original shoulder title.
  11. GWilliamson I'm not a fan of your KM krimshield . The ones i show are original,nothing like your one.
  12. Please, guys im new to these caps and i know they are a minefield. Whats your opinions,if a copy from dealers like At The Front then its good copy indeed.
  13. Here is another KM by Maedicke. I have 2 of these brought back by a vet.Iknow these to be original.
  14. Thank you, , Eduardo D. for the instructions.I got there in the end.
  15. Trying my best, still have not got it right.?
  16. Did anyone get information on how to tie the knot?