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  1. I'm afraid we've made a huge mistake in our initial theories of what this could be. A local farmer told me it's probably a cast iron cart wheel skein. Sorry for the bother. Still no idea what the numbers were for, but it doesn't really matter.
  2. Found this in our field in southwest France, western Dordogne. Wondering which country would have used it? And exactly what it is. It has raised numbers on the side: 22, 13, and 34 and has curious 'wings.' Solid iron and weighs in at nearly 9 kilos. Height = 36 cm Top outside diameter = 7.7 cm Top inside diameter = 5.2 cm Bottom outside diameter = 10.8 cm Any ideas, please respond. Or if there is another forum that would be better suited, please advise. Thanks so much. Our adventure here in France never ceases to amaze us! Cindy