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    CAUTION BUYING HERE: The Dealers: The Bad and the Ugly

    Paul Waterworth well known con man from England been in court re selling fakes especially Third Reich . MILITARIA 321 users to AVOID BELOW and there are many "Mona90" name MONIKA GASIOR BUT the sender is RYSZARD NOWAK sends copies, lucky I paid by Pay Pal had to get my money back that way Multiple ID User "Micha69" "ottos45" " New and old" "heimat69" "Passat" name MICHAEL WALTER gets reported then re applies wit a new user name,, make you wonder ???? "ROSENBERG 39" purchased items never got them lucky again Pay Pal refunded me. "Germaniateutonia" i asked for postage costs to buy an item , got this reply FY MF I asked what that meant got this reply, F**K you Mother f***er. we had dealings in the past re his horrendous postage charges. Both leaving negatives. I complained to 321 about him they removed his negatives and mine which I did not want removed as they told the true story re the transaction. This time I reported him for his foul language in his email . They accidently sent me an email meant for him Hallo Silke,Du weißt ja, dass ich solche Probleme für dich löse, bzw. auflöse 🙂GrußWilhelm Translated Hello Silke, You know that I solve such problems for you, or dissolve 🙂 greeting Wilhelm Again makes you wonder, such problems solved for him by 321 obviously he is renowned for getting such complaints from users,, he is protected by 321 as it seems are others all form Germany. Such Michael Walter, etc etc. At present I seem to have been conned again but I paid by TransferWise so no protection. I am still awaiting the outcome and will update with result. I HAVE COMPLETELY LOST CONFIDENCE IN MILITARIA321 there is NO SUPPORT for non Germans as I have found out. I hope I am wrong but my experiences have shown otherwise. I have kept ALL emails re proof. my ID is ROUFLAB on that site worth reading my profile re all information BEWARE OF Christian Violard from FRANCE another con man you buy he sends crap then disappears. The amount of times I have been scammed is unreal and I take great care.