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  1. Hi Richard, 

    I'm trying to establish contact, but apparently messages cannot be sent to you. This is in regards to your Brandenburger group. We may be able to help each other. My email address is leapinghorseman@gmail.com

    All the best, 

    Jason Mark

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  2. Kevin, How much was the Bruck Soldbuch? I don't recall seeing it, and I check WAF's eStand a couple of times a day. Thanks Jason
  3. Hi Kevin, Really nice set... I'm jealous! My research shows that Leutnant d.R. Wollenweber was wounded on 24 September 1942 as a platoon commander in 7./Inf.Rgt.203. Presumably he recovered and returned to the troops because he is recorded as falling ill on 30 October as Führer 3./Inf.Rgt.203. Unfortunately, when I click on your lo-res pic of the wound pages, a larger version does not come up (all the other higher-res images work). Jason
  4. How much did Uebe's WP sell for? I have a great shot of him in a trench at Stalingrad. Jason
  5. Interesting Soldbuch. Some of these guys worked in the hinterland west of Stalingrad, but most were west of the Don or in the Kalmuck Steppe south of the city. His lack of wounds suggests he was outside the pocket. Jason
  6. Wow Kevin, that is a spectacular WP! He was certainly well placed to witness many momentous battles. I often came across his name during the research for my Cholm book – and indeed, mentioned him once in the book – but I was unaware that he was with 4. Panzerarmee at Stalingrad. It seems he took over the Ic position just as the army's units were entering Stalingrad-South. I've got a couple of WPs to members of Hoth's army staff and they have the same pre-printed campaign sheets. Really nice! I'm envious. All the best, Jason
  7. Aah, so it was you that got this! I was kicking myself for missing it on Janssen's website. I've been after a Pz.Rgt.24 WP/SB for years and never been successful. Nice to see that it went to a good home. Jason
  8. Sorry, I though I had the book which contained Pi.Btl.176, but it turns out I don't. Jason
  9. I think I have the German Red Cross Vermisstenbildliste for this battalion. If I do, it'll confirm if Köhler was MIA at Stalingrad. Will get back to everyone shortly. Jason
  10. Amazingly, just now, while looking for something else, I came across a list of German hospitals near Stalingrad on 27.11.1942. I'll post them here as they may be of some use to someone else in the future (all spellings in German, eg. Morosowskaja, not Morozovskaya): Armee-San.-Kp. 2/542 as an HVP in Jarmakoff (60km north of Morosowskaja); Armee-Feldlaz. 2/542 in Nowo-Tscherkassk; Armee-Feldlaz. 4/592 in Ssulin; Armee-Feldlaz. 608 in Lichoj; Armee-Feldlaz. 642 in Tormossin; Armee-Feldlaz. 642 in Morosowskaja; Armee-Feldlaz. 666 in Nowo-Tscherkassk; Armee-Feldlaz. 671 in Koksofen; Kriegslaz. 2/541 in Tazinskaja; L.Kr.Kriegslaz. 4/541 in Shirnhoff; Kranken-Sammelstellen in Gumrak, Pitomnik, Jarskoj, Morosowskaja, Belaja-Kalitwa and Lichaja. As you can see, Feldlazarett 652 is not mentioned. I'm not sure what this means. I'll keep my eye out for further info. All the best, Jason
  11. Hi Kevin, 76.Inf.Div. was never deployed near Mamayev Kurgan. In early October 1942 it was holding part of the Nordriegel, the northern blocking position erected between the Don and Volga rivers. I suppose the key to finding out about his Stalingrad wounding is Feldlazarett 652. Was this hospital inside the pocket? I'm not sure. Really interesting Soldbuch and career! Jason
  12. It should be the signature of Generalmajor Ferdinand Heim. Jason
  13. Nice set, Kevin. Attached are some of the photos from pages 80-81 of "Angriff". Jason
  14. Check out the MG-34 strapped to the top of the gun barrel! If your Marder doesn't come with a co-axial machine-gun, just add one yourself. I've never seen this before by the Germans. Jason
  15. I'm not sure if this is the correct place to ask but the experts are here. Is it true that in the Germany army, the paper certificate is the award, while the medal is merely a badge signifying possession of the certificate? A friend recently mentioned this to me in an email and at first it seemed counterintuitive, but the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. I hope someone can shed some light on this. Thanks Jason
  16. Now THAT is a terrific shot of a Panzer IV mit Vorpanzer. Akira Takiguchi will love to see this photo as he has written an excellent article about this version on this website. Here is the link: http://www.history.jp/wehrmacht/031.htm Jason
  17. They are really great photos of armoured cars, Seba. I love the one with the huge bridge/aquaduct in the background. When you say they belong to "Auf.Abt.1", do you mean the recon battalion of 1. Panzer-Division? Jason
  18. Hi Brian, While looking for something else, I came across Pfau's name and home address in the division's post-war newsletter. Seems he was active in the comrade's group and still alive in the 1990s. Jason
  19. Hey guys, Does anybody own a Wehrpass to a member of Panzer-Regiment 18? I'm trying to track down a battle calendar for the 1941-42 period. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance Jason
  20. Thanks very much, Ian, that does help! I'll cross check it with Paul's book and Biblio's "Die Deutsche Divisionen Band 4". I've heard of source that lists all these battle calendars but have never managed to find out the name of it. Possibly by Podzun back in the 50s? I guess a battle calendar from any 18. Panzer-Division unit – infantry, artillery, etc. – would contain a more accurate calendar. Thanks again! Jason
  21. Thanks very much Ian, looks like an interesting Wehrpass (first in 16. Panzer, then 18th, and finally 24th Panzer!), but unfortunate about the battle calendar. I've got a Soldbuch to a guy from Pz.Rgt.18, which I'm trying to research. I have Paul's divisional history but it's very time-consuming extracting the battles from it. Any chance you have another Pz.Rgt.18 WP stashed in your collection? Jason
  22. Hi Bill, It's not a misprint. The village name "Gorodishche" (or variants) was widespread throughout the Soviet Union. I have come across a few non-Stalingrad ones during my research. Jason
  23. Let's not forget the absolutely superb "Luftwaffe Officer Career Summaries" by Larry deZeng and Doug Stankey, which contains biographies of 32,500 Luftwaffe officers. I still can't believe this is available for free: http://www.ww2.dk/lwoffz.html Jason