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  1. Many Thanks! Stretcher Party then, I suppose those who carried wounded or killed people in this case in the city of London. How interesting. Could be any reason by which the SP is under the black layer? Maybe it was used firstly by a member of SP and painted on the original kaki green, and in some moment it was repainted and used by let's say wardens or something like that. It would be interesting to know more about its story. What do you think? Thanks again
  2. Hello, I have noticed there are some lettres under the black paint of my brodie. They are almost impossible to show on a photo, but there they are for sure. It is a 1939 BMB which was firstly painted kaki green in the factory. Then, in some moment the exterior was painted black (just only two layers, the original green and the black one) but between both processes in the front and the back of this helmet were added the lettres SP, which I don't know the meaning. Does anybody know the meaning of SP in these helmets? Do you think those lettres were painted when the helmet was still green? Are there some examples of it? thak you in advance
  3. Excellent ??. If you had more war period photos like this one with black helmets without lettres I will be delighted. By the way, do you know the reason why those helmets where black painted? Maybe because of blackout in order to avoid being seen at night from the air during blitz? Just guessing. Many thanks
  4. Many thanks TinLid! ??It is exactly what I was expecting to read, that my helmet was probably an ARP helmet but with military standars of protection. Is there any clue why is the helmet painted black on the outside but without any trace of lettres or symbols? Did ARP members use black helmets without it too? Much appreciated
  5. Hello everyone, I have bought what I consider to be a MK1 *, is that correct? This brodie is marked with the lettres BMB and the year 1939. The liner is the MK1 * type I think. The helmet was initially painted in kaki green as it is visible inside the shell and in some moment the exterior was painted black. I have a couple of questions. I've notice there are various examples like mine which where repainted on the outside in black, I would like to know what it could be the reason of that.  secondly, if my helmet was used in the home front, was this shell virtually the same one british regular troops used in combat? I wonder whether it had the same ballistical properties than the regular soldiers helmet for mine was produced by BMB in 1939 and it hasn't any hole denoting it was weaker and so relegated to home front rather than front line.  Many thanks for your aid
  6. Brodie Lt


    Beautiful piece, congratulations. Why was BMB infamous? Thanks