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    All things WW1 and 2 with an interest in British, German and Russian Empire/Imperial Militaria. Primarily focused on awards, decorations and medals, with a story to go with them.
  1. Thank you for looking over this for me, and for your comment. I will continue my digging.
  2. Hello All I have been a lurker here on these forums for a little while now, this is my first post. I was hoping somebody with a keen eye, and much more knowledge than myself, would be able to identify the uniform in this picture. The picture is of my family and was taken around 1905 (according to my Grandmother) the picture includes her grandfather and his father, the man in question is my Great Great Grandfather Herbert Young. The information i have on this man from researching family history is that he was born in 1880 in the Bradford area of the UK and would be around 25 in this picture. Through looking into where the medal could have originated in that time period i think it is from the Boer War, as i do not believe at that time any other medal could have been awarded with so many bars. My Grandmother has told me she believes he served with the Cold stream Guards but i found no H Young on the Boer War Medal role i found on the National Archives. I did however find a H Young on a plaque dedicated to the West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales Own) Leeds volunteer Rifles. I would not like to say that this was him without a little further evidence and would love somebody else more learned opinion than my own, the picture isn't the greatest quality but any input or direction for my research would be greatly appreciated. Thank you