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  1. I can appreciate all sides, and I am not looking for emotional responses. I look forward to your assistance when you can. Thank you all for your replies. I am going to wait to post any additional items. I will keep expanding my knowledge base to be able to converse more intelligently.
  2. 13starsinax

    My Little room

    That is awesome.
  3. They said, they do not think they will have any in the next auction.
  4. Well, I am new here. I really can not compare Europe behavior as it applies to this forum. I just really want to talk about these tags. I have more to post questions about, but as little response Ii have received on these- I feel like all mine could be fake now.
  5. I am appreciative of his reply, here are the 2 replies from him 1} Thanks for your email. Sorry, Im not a member there and can’t see any pictures. Please send the pictures replying to this email and let me know your question. Kind regards / Mit freundlichen Grüßen 2} Thanks for your email. Sorry but we try to avoid SS tags when we can. This is a minefield. I prefer not to comment these. Thanks for understanding. Kind regards / Mit freundlichen Grüßen
  6. He replied this morning, and I appreciate him taking the time to do so, Ultimately, his response was that, he did not wish to comment at all on the pictures I sent him. So with that said, can anyone please critique these for me? It is fine the outcome, but not really sure why he wouldn't comment, or is there a back story here I do not know?
  7. Ok, He replied to my email. He said he could not see the pictures, so I sent them to him direct, and Ii am waiting for a reply.
  8. I did it, and linked this thread. I appreciate it, and hopefully we can all learn something. I will share whatever information I receive.
  9. How do I get a hold of him? Thank you again.
  10. Awesome, Thank you very much.
  11. I am just happy to be getting feed back. The SS ones early on had all same letters on the backside as they were all machined that way, in the beginning Thanks a lot, you have given me more to interest to get into these then..
  12. It seems very difficult to distinguish these "fakes" until you get your hands on them, but who can really prove fake? I have been trying to find matches via image searches and I can not find the clones of these.
  13. Thank you, any input is greatly appreciated.