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  1. Hi there guys, my first post... I collect all kinds of military helmets and have seen this for sale... I have never seen a Brodie with this type of liner attachment, and am thinking about purchasing it, however as the style is unknown to me, I don't know what its worth... I don't even know if it's WWI or WWII, neither does the bloke who's selling it... I would greatly appreciate any help in identifying the helmet please. Many thanks in advance guys, Coldfusion.
  2. Coldfusion

    Unknown Style of Brodie Helmet

    Hi there Jerry, thank you for your input mate, I will now go and research the US civil defence to see if I can find one like it 😉 Many thanks once again Jerry, Coldfusion
  3. Coldfusion

    Unknown Style of Brodie Helmet

    Thank you very much Rich... This would actually explain why I've never seen one like this before, and I've been collecting helmets for 20 years! Thank you very much once again for your input! Coldfusion.