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    12th SS-Panzer Division Hitlerjugend specifically SS-Panzer Regiment 12. Normandy 1944.
  1. Wonderful images and one of my research areas of interest. This unbekannt is of course SS-Ostuf. Georg Isecke although I'm sure we are aware of that by now since this was posted. Isecke maintained a very distinctive shape to his Schirmmütze as worn. Here are few more of Isecke from the files. Isceke is pictured below in this distinct other uniform of his, EKI above PAB with medal bar, in this Bundearchiv foto from March 1943 where Schönberger(front) and back row left to right as viewed are Wünsche, Tiemann, Isecke, von Westernhagen, and unbekannt during awarding ceremony for members of the Stug Abt. I hope to see this thread grow.