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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SCARCE-ORIGINAL-WWII-HOME-GUARD-MkII-2C-BRODIE-HELMET-NET-MkII-LINER-1941/202513732606?hash=item2f26c253fe:g:mGYAAOSwQ5pb-X-Y
  2. Thanks for your speedy reply. I have just googled a bit more and looked closer at the markings (& wiped with a wet cloth for clarity) - actually the S is in fact an S inside a C not a circle, ie CS, ie Clydesdale Stampings as you said. And the 94 in a box is actually not a box but 1941. I feel daft/blind for not noticing this before! It's fascinating piecing this bit of history together. I will put it on ebay. A similar one sold at the end of November for £57. Thanks again Jerry B.
  3. Thanks very much Jerry B. Interesting. Do you have any idea what this helmet would fetch if we sold it and where the best place is to sell it... ebay? Thanks
  4. Hi, I just found your website in my quest to identify this Brodie helmet which my son was given by his grandparents a few years ago. They got it from a charity shop. I have established it is a home front WW2 MkII 2c type. I have scoured it for identifying markers - there is a red L and 2 stamps which look like an S in an oval circle and next to that a very faint 94 in a square box. help is gratefully appreciated. Thank you