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  1. Hello I wanted to ask you if the visible marks on the helmet and the edge of the helmet could be the marks of the helmet cover this helmet comes from Mortain more precisely from a barn in St Hilaire de Harcouet Thanks for your help
  2. Hello I would like your opinion on this helmet it comes from Rots more precisely from the billy farm It is identify MOD40 SD Q64 DN42 HEER the initials of the soldier are registered EH I do not know the unit May be the Panzer lehr for a reason unknown a soldier has recovered this helmet he lost his helmet surely he put his name inside SS. H.Binunzev or Binunzer he handed over his helmet cover someone would tell me which unit this soldier comes from Thanks for your help
  3. Hi I would like to Known if this item Can be an uniforme of panzer regiment ss. This item is an original Come from Normandie Original buttons panzer. No retouch exceptionnel the collar What do you think Thanks for yours answers
  4. hi what do you think about this picture it s the name of the soldier and his unit this item found at ARGENTAN THANKS FOR YOUR ANSWER
  5. hi someone can help me about this item, do you known the signification ? the division is das reich but which unit? thanks for your answer
  6. hi a soldat Waffen ss maybe LAH , we can see the sign , i think i wait yours comment
  7. hi i would like to know if this soldier belong to 12 Pz ss Hitlerjugend, i known that this soldier is buried at Banzenville he is dead the 8 JuLY 44 Thanks you
  8. hi someone can tell me in which unit can belong to this soldier this cart has been find in Arnhem
  9. hi Bart have you find the lists of the fallen from the Replacement Battalion ? thanks for your answer
  10. thanks you very much for your answer at all nice :)
  11. hi thanks very much for this explication very nice but have you an idea on his unit?
  12. hi someone can tell me in which unit can he belong to