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  1. Richard, Thank you for your reply. What I meant is that when someone isn't logged in and browses this thread for the first time no pictures are visible except the ones that I posted. There's a placeholder for the ones not visible (see attachment). Regards, Marinus
  2. Gents, Does anyone know why the pictures that I posted are visible for (not logged in) visitors in this thread? Is there a magic button that I forgot to click? Regards, Marinus
  3. Good afternoon, Can I have your opinions on this Border Regiment badge, please? It has a "Firmin" makers mark on the slider. Do you experts think it's a genuine ww2 badge? To be honest I have no idea, thanks for your help in advance. Greetings from The Netherlands, Marinus
  4. Good morning, Found this recce badge on the web. It looks good to me and is probably wartime made but what do you think? Greetings, Marinus
  5. Good morning gents, I'm new to this forum and I like to hear your opinions on this South Staffordshire badge, please. Greetings, Marinus