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    To Mount or Not ??

    Thanks for that - the way it is at the moment, it really not doing it justice. I do have original silk ribbons / ribands for all the awards (not the modern horrible ones), I feel guilty about mounting them but I feel I'm disrespecting the importance of the group and the man. I'll probably concede and mount them (eventually) 🤔 Thanks for the input 👍
  2. Hello members, I'm a collector or predominantly British Commonwealth medals (all periods). I also wish to stress that I have been out of collecting since the early 1990's. I have in my collection a nice grouping of awards to an Australian Pilot from WW1. My question is: The recipient never mounted his medals and only ever wore his mounted miniature group with the full size left as issued. Should I have the group refurbished and mounted for display or is it better to leave them as the recipient did ? Thanks in advance. Milo 👍👍