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  1. Bart V.: Hello! Thank you for carrying on EJ's work, the Forum is ever indebted to you. It is members like EJ and you that have made our Forum what it is today. Kindest regards, John R.
  2. New Display for my bars....

    Nicolas7507: Hello! Thank you for sharing your ribbon collection with the Forum, nicely displayed. Best regards, John R.
  3. from humble beginnings

    Petesav: Hello! Nice focus, thank you for sharing your fantastic collection of German Red Cross militaria with the Forum. Best regards, John R.
  4. pink: Hello! Nice period piece for displaying your collection in, well done. Best regards, John R.
  5. KM Norway: Thank you for continuing to share you ever expanding Kriegsmarine collection with the Forum. Best regards, John R.
  6. Die Kriegsmarine

    All: Hello! I have my book in hand, well worth the wait. I have not stopped flipping through the pages upon receipt. Just from my first look, Eduardo's book is an invaluable reference resource. His book is a work of art and a cornerstone to Kriegsmarine enthusiast. Best regards, John
  7. Agustin V.: Hello my friend! Thank you for sharing photographs of Lieutenant Halm with the Forum. I agree with Kentucky6, "Still wears his KC with Pride... ." Best regards, John
  8. Nick: Hello! Good things happen to good people; congratulations on your latest acquisition and thank you for sharing with Forum. Best regards, John R.
  9. JustinG: Hello! Congratulations on your latest acquisition. Thank you for continuing to share KM cap tally collection with the Forum. Since light is the enemy of archiving cloth, I recommend using UV archival class, which will reduce glare. R/s, John
  10. Morten: Hello my friend! Nice pick-ups, thank you for sharing your latest Kriegsmarine acquisitions with the Forum. All the best, John R.
  11. New Member

    Richard: Hello! Your posts regarding an item WWC has on their site was removed. There is not a section on this Forum for vendor questions, with the exception of a private message. In the future, please contact the vendor directly via their site. I thank you in advance for your understanding in this matter. Respectfully, John R. (Section Moderator)
  12. Bart: Hello my friend! Great question you are asking the Forum, "How do you preserve or store your collection?" I have been studying material conservation and worked with museum conservators for as long as I have collected Kriegsmarine and American Civil War antiques. Your question requires my full attention to answer. But my short answer, until I can reply in the near future, is, "Keep your pieces (e.g., cloth, paper, wood, etc.) out of direct light and free from dust. Ensure your pieces are stored/exhibited in a climate controlled areas. Wear gloves when handling any items, hands contain oils that can be harmful. take ever measure to conserve items using conservation glass, acid-free paper and tissue, archival boxes, and/or polyester/mylar sleeves. For me, conservation of the pieces in my collection is as important than the pieces themselves. When you have an opportunity, view my collection topic; all the framed pieces (magazines, booklets, postcards, etc.) are sealed in a mylar sleeve, mounted on an acid-free paper board, and protected by conservation glass (UV protection) that is sealed to the mounting. If these types of pieces are not framed, they are stored in archival boxes and further protected by acid-free paper or mylar sleeves." More to come, have a great day. Kindest regards, John
  13. US M4 Sherman/US Thunderbolt P-47D

    Lou: Hello! You are an artist, fantastic modeling. Thank you for sharing your model tank and airplane with the Forum. Best regards, John R.
  14. Kriegsmarine Book by Eduardo

    Eduardo: Hello my friend! Thank you for sharing some of the pages from your book with the Forum, well done. I have no doubt that your book is a must have item. I look forward to adding one to my library. Kindest regards, John
  15. Bart: Hello my friend! Fantastic photographs of exhibits, thank you very much for sharing with the Forum. Best regards, John