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    Battlefield relics mostly German helmets, and ww1 Picklehaubes.

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  1. Hello iv been collecting german helmets a long time,iv lost count how many i have maybe 40.mostly but not all are battlefield found helmets ,some with interesting provenance.im afraid its been a bit of an addiction, and i hate selling them off.My recent purchases have been 2 picklehaubes ,one a wurtemberg officer s haube found in yes an attic,an d in very attic found condition.he other is a well used prussian m15 ,removable spike helmet.Due to be delivered from russia is a german m40 snow camo found in stalingrad with 3 german badges found in same area.. like my helmets well used with much age patina to distance myself from potential fakes ,which as all collectors know have flooded the market.interested to hear from other helmet collectors.