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  1. Hello alifrafikkhan,

    I am active in the historical research of the journal Schwerterträger. In our latest magazine we present the Knight's Cross bearer "Adelbert Schulz", but we are still missing some high quality photos. We found a picture with the watermark "fakatona" on this portal:


    We can't contact Jaime who posted the photo. We also tried writing to "fakatona" through another portal. But this one doesn't allow messages either. We have already noticed you with your expertise in several such portals. Maybe they have contact to "Jaime" or "fakatona". In such a case, could you forward our request to Him. We would like to print the photo linked above in the highest possible resolution and without watermark in our magazine.  We will provide you with up to 5 magazines about his biographies (of course only after publication). I hope that we can come to an agreement.

    Bernd Nissen