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    CAUTION BUYING HERE: The Dealers: The Bad and the Ugly

    Hello I will need your help. On Militaria-Deal, we do not sell anything directly but we help people find the best militaria items for sale on eBay : https://www.militaria-deal.com/top-100-militaria-auctions It is a useful tool to "highlight" the best items among the millions of cheap/fake items on eBay. Even if our filtering tools are rather efficient, from time to time, we see some fake militaria items among our results. We would like to "ban" all known ebay fake sellers from our results. Does any of you have some dubious ebay sellers to indicate ? Thanks for your help, it will help protect our community from these nefarious dealers.
  2. Looks great ! What is the price ?
  3. Militaria Deal

    Hello from France

    Hello all, I am a French militaria collector, 37 yo. I have been reading this great forum for years and have decided to finally join and participate. I am impressed by the level of knowledge of most members here, good to see that our passion is strong and widespread all along the world. I collect several militaria items, mostly WW1 and WW2 but also US Civil War and Japanese militaria. I am also the owner of Militaria-Deal that some of you must use. Regards Olivier