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  1. Thank you! I had been looking at Canadian and British liner but couldn't find anything. I guess I should have looked to the south. It seems an odd combination so I'm thinking that the shell and liner were jammed together at some point. It's an older donation to our Museum so the donation record isn't as detailed as it could be but the shell appears to have been used by the local Canadian Civil Defence group. I'm trying to track down some more information to confirm what combination of liner and shell they were known to use.
  2. Hello, I've been going through a collection of military headgear and identifying the shells and liners to the best of my ability. I've come across this liner that I can't identify in the slightest. It is currently in a Canadian steel mark II 1942 shell produced by Canadian Motor Lamp Co. of Windsor. The shell still has the bales but no chinstrap and is in great condition, possibly never saw much combat. The liner is not like any one I've come across or can find online. I have been unable to identify the manufacturer's stamp, though it looks super familiar. It's not an original liner, but beyond that I'm stumped. This liner has its own bales and a chinstrap. Instead of rubber bumpers it has steel pressure ones. I've attached some images of the liner below. Any help identifying it would be much appreciated!