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  1. he memories of Günther Tlotzek. - Served in the 23rdInfantry Regiment, 11th Infantry Division of the German Wehrmacht during WWII.

    Günther Tlotzek saw the light of day in 1923 inSokolken in East Prussia.

    He was at the front in Russia for four years and waswounded four times, of which he still has fragments of grenade in his left thigh.

    He was also in Russian captivity in Siberia for fiveyears after the end of the war and was expelled from his East Prussianhomeland.

    These are just a few points from Günther Tlotzek'seventful life.

    In this book he tells of his memories, from childhoodto old age.

    These include experiences from the Weimar period, fromthe National Socialist period, and all of his experiences from World War II.

    He also describes his 5-year captivity and his"new second life" afterwards.

    Günther Tlotzek remained mentally alert and fit intoold age, he is open to everything new and today lives in and with digitalprogress.

    "A so-called fulfilled life can only exist if youhave given something to others." G.Tlotzek


    Printed hardcover very noble

    150 pages.

    With signed soldier photo

    complete in ENGLISH

    info @ zg-stuttgart@web.de

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  2. http://xup.in/dl,18597811

    In April / May 1945 the river Elbe became a river of fate for thousands of civilians and soldiers of all branches of service. Either in American or Russian prisoner of war it should go. The 12th Army Wenck became the last hope for many. One of these soldiers, Hellmut Westermann, born in 1926, was a member of the flak soldier who witnessed the self-sacrificing struggles for recuperation on the Elbe during these difficult and lossy days.
    In his memoirs, H. Westermann, born in Pomeranian Szczecin, describes his childhood years in Goslar / Harz, the assignment as Luftwaffenhelfer from 1943 and his war effort as a soldier until the capitulation on 8 May 1945 with the subsequent American captivity. 164 pages, many illustrations and documents, hardcover, bound