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  1. Hello to evreyone! Im new on the fórum and a beginer ww2 daggers collector. I need your opinion about price, authenticity on this two : GERMAN WWII NSKK MANS DAGGER BY HAENEL. A magnificent blade with good cross grain finish having the very impressive large maker’s mark of ‘Haenel of Suhl’. Undamaged wood grip. Good quality enamelled SA inset with high quality national eagle. Group marked ‘SA’ to the rear of the lower cross guard mount. The scabbard has anodised finish with some cleaned corrosion. Good quality upper and lower scabbard fittings with all screws intact with their heads unturned. One minor split to the ball of the lower scabbard fitting and one dent to the rear of that some ball. Price: 954.00 EUR GERMAN WWII LUFTWAFFE 2ND PATTERN OFFICERS DAGGER. A very nice condition Eickhorn bladed Luftwaffe 2nd pattern officers dagger, identified. The name ‘TH.KRAUS’ hand applied to the flat section of the upper part of the blade, on the opposite side to the Eickhorn trademark. All of the aluminium fittings, which include the top pommel, cross guard, scabbard all matching in colour. A beautiful orange grip, which is totally non cracked, complete with its grip wire. Good finish to the scabbard, no dents. Price: 558.00 EUR