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  1. I have a world war 1 (possibly map) wooden table made by Adams and co of London dated 1918. It's an extendable tri-pod table and the top screws into the base. It's quite ornately made.I've taken it to a number of antique dealers and non of them seem to be able to agree on it's original use or give any kind of valuation. It seems to be something quite unusual. Can anyone shed any light on what it is and it's value should I choose to sell it? I've hopefully uploaded pictures below.. Apologies that some images with serial numbers are upside down! The auction house said that the serial numbers on the table and the legs match up and they were made as a set. maptable.jfif mapt.jfif maplegs.jfif maptb.jfif mapno..jfif map under.jfif maps.jfif leg serial.jfif maptbl.jfif