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  1. LOL. Thank you and also a HUGE thank you to Bart for selling this Uprising item to me.
  2. I collect Warsaw Uprising 1944 docs and etc. This is a great set. If you ever sell, I'd love to add him to the collection.
  3. The 2017 movie is pretty good. There are a few weird scenes, but all and all, very good.
  4. Very significant item. Here it is with original related display items.
  5. Have you been collecting lately?
  6. Thanks for the kind words. I love these officials. If I am recalling, the officer is a Sonderfuhrer Z and the NCOs are Sonderfuhrer F and G.
  7. Do you have an orange example for the FP after 1943?
  8. Thanks Morten!! I felt really lucky to have had that highest board fall into my lap. Does anyone know how many people held this rank? Bob! Great to see you.
  9. Hi! Yes, these men were authorized the same awards as the regular "soldiers". I saw a photograph of one with an EK2- 1939.
  10. That is an amazing grouping. That Romanian order really places the entire set over the top. I love it.
  11. Thanks guys. I appreciate the kind words. This type of thing is not really popular with the mainstream collectors, but I am very happy with them. These are the only GL garments I have seen. Until I found these uniforms, I thought that the only piping possible was red(per the books), so I am really perplexed over the yellow piping on the overcoat.
  12. Hi!! Thanks for the interest. The Wartime official and Sonderfurer were basically civiliams who were brought into the military due to special skills or qualifications which were needed by the war effort. Their paygrades were a reflection of the skillset and education of the official. Unlike Administrative Officials and regular Luftwaffe, these men could not be promoted. Also, despite the fact they wore uniforms, they were not considered to be military and fell under a different set of rules. To US standards, I would compare them with civilian GS workers with uniforms. The careers of these men ranged from shop foremen and mechanics(NCO levels) to Aeronautical Analysts, legal experts, and certain medical doctors(Upper level officer grades). Despite the fact that they had paygrades(ranks), they held no authority. Basically, an oberst level official had no right or authority to give orders to a private.