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  1. Yes you are right, and sorry about the confusion. The picture does not reveal the unit, however my source was certain of it being a soldier from 67 Metz 4 Magdeburg. Will post again if I can find out more of its origins. I'm attaching a copy of the image to this reply. Best regards Richard
  2. sorry a typo 🙄 the 67 th Metz 4th Magdeburg.. my bad.. /Richard
  3. Hi, Thanks for your comments, glad you liked it! And you are right, I cant pin the solider to the flask, however the photo is of a soldier from the 63 Metz (4th Magdeburg). So it could be that soldiers flask.. The picture of him still says a lot, with his thousand-yard stare. Cheers /Richard
  4. Finding out the history of an object has always interested me. It adds so much life to it. I have done a little research on a German reservist flask from Metz 1912. The result is published in a short video on my YouTube channel: The Face of a woman and the fate of a soldier Mostly in English with some parts in German. Maybe you can add some more history to it?