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  1. Woundbadge

    107 in gold and 127 in black

    Thank you Hans ! KR Jan
  2. Woundbadge

    SWB L/10 with case

    Hello, a good Badge ! Wonderfull! KR Jan
  3. Hello, wonderfull Badges ! KR Jan
  4. Hello, here are my new badges. opinions please.. Regards Jan
  5. Many Thanks ! Best Regards Jan
  6. Hello, thank you. My favorite manufacturer is Deschler and Wernstein. Both unfortunately still very difficult to obtain manufacturer with
  7. Hello, 3 new Badges for my Collection ! Best Regards Jan
  8. Hello, here's my new mother Cross oil picture ! Kind Regards Jan
  9. Woundbadge

    Just in...

    Hello, is a good Badge Best Regards Jan
  10. Hello, my new LW Schutzwall Document . Best Regards Jan
  11. Woundbadge

    Some of my mini's

    Hi Gaston, wonderfully. Which Makers have the miniatures? Can you please show the backs? Regards Jan
  12. Hello, sorry is a Fake from Germany ! Regards Jan
  13. Woundbadge

    My new ESP Zink BWB Variant

    Thank you ! Regards Jan