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  1. hello DHF let me know that this badge was for Kurt Schultz. do you have informations on this Kurt ? I have only found informations on Bruno Kurt Schultz... thank you for your answer regards
  2. Steiner68

    ek2 clasp

    hi, I think the same thing but with robot fakes...
  3. hello, what do you think about this one ?
  4. amazing collection, thank you for sharing
  5. hello all, to share with you my infanterie
  6. Steiner68

    three allach

    Hi, what is Herend ? (Or who is ?)
  7. Steiner68

    RK with OLS

    Hello, My new acquisition. A S&L RK and Souval OL
  8. Steiner68

    ek2 clasp

    No clasp collector ? Do you know a book with 2nd class clasp ? Regards
  9. Hello, What do you think about this one ? Thank you