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    Third reich and Imperial Uniforms and headgear. German tailoring pre-1945. And all things interesting.

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  1. Patrick Lewis

    Eric-Jan Bakker

    I have so much respect for Eric-Jan, who was always kind and thoughtful in what he did. I'm very sad to hear that he has passed. He will surely be remembered. Condolences, Patrick
  2. Patrick Lewis

    My police headgear collection so far

    Great collection Kris. I love the Shako in the back.
  3. Very nice helmets these. I love the front plates.
  4. Patrick Lewis

    SS Loyalty Award.

    I believe this is meant or trying to be an SS long service award. Its similar to the 12 years medal but it's missing it's wreath.
  5. An exquisite medal Jim. No better collection for it to be in...! Pat
  6. I can tell you it's not an SS cap, which is for sure. It is also postwar from what I can see.
  7. Patrick Lewis

    KM Collection - Display

    Great collection John! Pat
  8. Patrick Lewis

    Crimea Medal

    A very fine award, nice example. Pat
  9. Patrick Lewis

    My first Pour le merite

    I love is how you titled the thread "my 'first' pour le merite". Are you planning on collecting more? ;) The new photos continue to show just how lovely this award is.
  10. Patrick Lewis

    My first Pour le merite

    Outstanding, Jim! Thanks for sharing your beautiful and rare award with us. Patrick
  11. Patrick Lewis

    Soldbuch Photos

    Very interesting photographs!
  12. A very fine grouping! The presentation box is great.
  13. Patrick Lewis

    A very sad and painful moment.

    Sorry you missed out on a very fine award mate. Patrick
  14. Patrick Lewis

    crazy !

    Incredible. I did not think anyone would bid because 20 thousand seemed to me far too much....!