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  1. Jan H.

    BWB identification

    I like the first badge nice cutaway Br Jan
  2. Hi Antonio, also typical for this maker the pin opens to the left side...
  3. Wow not a easy one to find!
  4. Hey Antonio, badge looks OK to me... Silver grade with twice stamps. Br Jan
  5. Nice badge by F. Zimmermann
  6. I like ' 5 Schickle type ' nice silver finish !
  7. Jan H.

    Complete Set

    :smile:Looks great Hans also nice family.... like it friend
  8. Jan H.

    Afrika Grouping

    Agreed nice grouping... hope also to see some more closer photos.
  9. Nice collection Hans... I like them both
  10. Real fine frozen meat medal... I very like this awards Jan
  11. Nice piece Robert... price is fair