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    All TR medals and some 57ers here and there also want to get a couple of TR uniforms

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  1. Good call Hans a few others im just checking........
  2. Might be the scan but i do agree at least with the ribbon it looks very plasticey (can't think of the right word sorry)
  3. wow Sebastien thats a real beuty looks practically mint thanks for sharing
  4. Tom C.

    Imperial Swords

    Very nice swords Tristan wish i could get some but i think i might be kicked out
  5. Tom C.

    My Ancestors during the World Wars

    Wow really cool Hans thanks for sharing
  6. Tom C.

    That´s me and my small collection

    Dreike WOW the book of names is fantastic those are some serious groupings thanks for getting the pictures im drooling again now
  7. Tom C.

    That´s me and my small collection

    your going to need another wall (or just give it all to me ) ps whos the panzer oberstleutnant directly under Das reich?
  8. Tom C.

    My Ancestors during the World Wars

    Wow such incredible history your pre fathers were clearly very brave men thanks for sharing just curious in post 12 you say "We also got a plot,parcel and a house." do you mean your country gave your family a house to live in
  9. Jerry now that one i like a lot the mix of gold and silver colours and the amount of wear makes it brilliant thanks for sharing
  10. nice lufty luftie looks like a well worn example thanks for sharing
  11. Thank you Hans Kristian most helpful information
  12. Morten very nice vests how are the blow tubes doing (perishing)
  13. very nice tristan could you get a close up of the para might be able to tell the type
  14. welcome to the forum Tristian very nice summer jacket and it looks like you have an impressive collection on either side
  15. Beck ehh http://www.beck-militaria.de/Helme-und-Kopfbedeckungen/ab-1945/Panzerhelm-Bundeswehr-1958::17538.html i got one of these it cost me £30 not £850 for one missing pieces