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  1. ok many thanks my erbohf
  2. it very base the sculpture is beautiful I attached a picture of my badge to show your subject is true that oak leaves are resembling what you add polish to go on the plate? thank you
  3. hello Steve I first want to thank you for your website NS-kunst is a reference on the subject, and your photos are all beauties it will never be obvious whether the plate is age or not but for me it is age, imagine that it is a copy I think we would have more for sale. I is not seen another but I can not seem to find the photo. work is superb very end, quite clear patina and wooden oak. you have an astonishing collection thank you for sharing with us your knowledge and Articles RNS and cultural objects NS / SS are related
  4. Hi this is my horses awards SA from butckek
  5. hello thank you for the compliments yes I know all messages that are been against this dish, and I think the good it is always very difficult to say whether good or bad on these items NS culture. this kind of article is to craft the most unique part, and it was not as Allach aps or the marking and design we can whether good or not. I pay very inexpensive and perfectly decorated my living room if people have doubts too bad I'm not trying to prove whether good or not so I will not waste my time because without papers officile person could not be right or wrong me I like it may be that Steve and others will give their opinions
  6. nice post this mine and other

    S A Mann Bronze

    Superb Bob Very fine bronze
  8. HI Tristan yes its pasing /Munchen vase
  9. nice my little contribution Allach vase # 502 Allach candlestick #22
  10. nice medal, I like RNS, i have a wall sign and pole top